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Jaxons 1869


  • I can tolerate the occasional pinch of this if I have a cold, but menthol really gives me a painful and unpleasant burn - so much so, that I would call it an intolerance. Of the English mentholated snuffs, this is one of the weaker ones, but still enough to cause me a problem if I am not heavily congested.

    If you are anti-menthol, avoid this. If you are a real menthol fan, this might be a little too lightweight for you. If you aren't strongly biased one way or the other, then give it a try, as the menthol doesn't completely overwhelm the tobacco.

    Note: These comments are based on when SG was producing the Jaxons range. I haven't tried any of the range since they switched to McChrystals
  • Yes I should have noted that they changed the manufacture. 

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