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Curious about YOUR orders

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
How often do you guys place snuff-related orders, how much do you buy per order, and WHAT do you tend to include in your order?
I'll go first.
I place 2 orders per year, my birthday, and before christmas (xmas is NOT xmas if you dont have any xmas snuffs).

For those orders, I buy anything from 5-6 large tins, or 10-20 small/medium.

I ALWAYS buy mentholated snuffs, at least 50% of my orders are mentholated snuff, and at least 1 mentholated WoS every time (I just love em), followed by 1-2 small tins of natural-ish snuffs..natural snuffs are very hit-and-miss, so I don't commit to a large natural order.

To spice it up, I also add some "interesting"-sounding snuffs, such as wow roasted nuts, Toque bacon and ..ugh...maximum 1 tin per order, these seem to be more miss than hit.

And last, but not least, I add something that sounds very calming and delicious, such as royal george, toffee, vanilla. 1-2 in that style at most, its not something I use every day, and last 3 tins I ordered grew old and stale on me before I could use them up.

So how about you guys? Lookin forward to see your shopping-habits.


  • I tend to buy English snuffs (but no menthols, no artisans, and no toasts or other dusty fine grinds) from British sources, either direct from the producer, or one of the online tobacconists. There is also a couple of places nearby where I can pick up a few varieties in person.

    Since I started snuffing, I have always (till earlier this year) purchased more than I was consuming. This meant that I was starting to accrue a significant amount of stock. I also placed a lot of orders when the EU TPD panic was happening, which added to the stash already had, means I have enough snuff for several years. I may choose to place an order for something else if I am so inclined, but I do not need to. I have enough in tins to easily last me at least another year, enough in small glass jars to last another two or three years, and enough in large glass jars to last me five or six years (only rough numbers, and I could be way off). Of course, I dip in and out of my entire stash, so the tins will probably last far longer than a year

    My days of trying to explore everything are done. I know what works for me, and stick within the 50 or so varieties which I know I enjoy. In currently available snuffs, there's still about 20 or 30 which I'm happy to stuff up my nose. I have lost a lot of favourites, but who knows, some of these may return at some point in the future.

    I am no purist and not particularly sentimental, so I mix snuffs quite often, and am not averse to adding my own scent on top of whatever the existing scent is. Even if a scent fades in storage, it can often be reawakened by rehydrating, or by adding in a little of a more potent snuff. In fact I have over 500g of "reject blends", where snuffs I could not abide, got dumped into a big jar. These have combined into a very pleasant mix, which is far more enjoyable (to me) than any of the constituent parts.

    So long story short, I have no routine - I just do what I want, when I want (health and finances permitting), and that's how I like it.
  • I'm snuffing since only 8-9 months now, and until now I place an order almost every 2-4 months, and it mostly is snuff from India (6P, 41P and Dholakia). I dont spend too much on it, but honestly, have stock to last me at least 3-4 years I guess and am concerned about storage (they shouldn't spoil). I think my order frequency will go down a bit now that I have quite some stock.
    I tend to be like the OP and do have a lot of mentholated (or like) snuffs in my order. Love the cool feeling in this hot and humid city anytime. However, I cant take too much menthol or it blocks me up real good. The quantity of menthol, eucalyptus, or camphor in 6P black snuffs are the best for me. 
    I bought a lot of natural tobacco snuffs from limited retail here too - like the NB Madras; and love to include them in my order, like 6P Cheeta, DW or 41P WE. Love them all. 
  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    I just placed my first order in almost three years. I had a fair amount of stock from a couple past ban scares and it took about this long to get through it and I learned my lesson with rash bulk purchases.

    Christmas Pudding 25g
    SP Extra 10g
    Spanish Gem 25g
    Blueberry 10g
    100g SP Extra Economy Bag
    Menthol 10g
  • My last two orders were taking advantage of the Toque six 25g tins for the price of five. I like to have half sp and half other aromas as I always keep an sp (or alike) in my desktop box and other types in my "mobile" tin. Because these two orders were within two weeks of each other I should be Ok for a while.
  • I buy a little at a time. Last orders were for McCrystal's Original and some more St James Parish from Johnny Scott.
  • I place order very often, I live in italy and in theory we cant buy tobacco stuff online, but its quite controvesy. I order from UK and for fear thats the package been block i usually buy no more than 5/6 cans 25g each.
    Its strange because the last order the douane check my pack and everything gone well.
    We got really idiots laws...

    Btw I order twice a month for now, 'cause I start snuffing like one month and a half/two ago, and I want a good choise of snuffs.
    When I got enough snuffs maybe I will order once per month.

    Last order was:

    Dholakia Manjul
    Toque raspberry
    Toque peanut butter
    6 photos cheetah
    6 photos natural
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @SteveXY Trust me, we got worse laws in Norway. I've had several packages stopped. I go around that by having a friend over, then send to me, cause customs are less likely to check "gifts"

  • I don't really make any new orders anymore as I have more snuff in stock now than I can use in the rest of my life.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • i have been ordering mostly menthols lately. other than that i mostly just restock my favorites and throw on a few to try while im at it. for my latest order, i restocked L260 and HDT. i added a few new toasts and menthols.
  • @Rogue wow... Im sorry i dunno what kind of laws there's on norway but, if you got severly package blocked yes... Its not good at all... Thinking about ur hobby i get pissed off, its only tobacco! I dont get why being so hard with laws... We arent smuggler, and we arent drug dealers... Hope you the best for your precious snuffs.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @SteveXY Best of luck to your hobby aswell. May the lawmakers show us mercy one day.

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