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Chinese Snuff

I have seen lots of Chinese snuff bottles for sale, but never seen any Chinese snuff.

Anyone had any experience of the stuff or know of UK sellers ?


  • I believe Xuefu snuff is Chinese which supposedly smells like Cigars, though I have not tried it. MrSnuff used to stock it though the only place I can find it now is on the mobile version of SnuffStore. Apparently the mobile version of SnuffStore stocks different products. Xuefu snuff looks expensive though at 3.19 gbp for 2 grams.
  • One I'd buy in bulk if it was available.
    Price is way out of bounds but is excellent. Real good tobacco scent with a pepper note. Been hoarding three of the under sized bottles for years. May have to reunite but will go fast if I'm not conservative.IMG_20170311_210030
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