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What was your first snuff order?

AamonAamon Member
edited October 2017 in Snufftaking
What was in your snuff order? Did you think you would really love a snuff soon to find out it wasnt for you, or the reverse?


  • AamonAamon Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    The first snuff I ever tried was McChrystals O&G which I picked up while traveling through Ireland. As soon as I got home I hopped on the internet to try to find a reliable supplier which ships to Australia, I soon found MrSnuff. I read through many reviews trying to find some snuffs I liked the sound of which lead me to this purchase. 
    Ozona 5g, Ozona Raspberry 5g, Silver Dollar Raspberry 5g, Bernard Zwiefacher 10g, Dholakia Kamal 9g, Dholakia Black 9g, Dholakia Sparrow 9g, McChrystal's Raspberry 4.4g, McChrystal's S'Nuff 4.4g, WoS Crumbs of Comfort 10g, WoS Honey Menthol 10g and WoS Rose of Sharrow 10g.

    I quickly realized although the Ozona's were nice I did not like the low Nicotine content and the paraffin base did not agree with my nose. As for the Dholakia's I did enjoy Kamal and the Sparrow though at this time I had not packed down my snuffing technique yet, so these were quite hard to take. I did not enjoy the barnyardish type scent of the Black even though it was far easier to take. The WoS were also nice snuffs though did not contain enough Nicotine at the time for me and I wasn't a huge fan of the grind. 
    All of the McChrystal's I absolutely loved with the perfect grind, moisture content and N content for me at the time.
    As for Bernard Zwiefacher, first time I snuffed it I enjoyed it for about a minute though the scent was strongly sickening and lingered for a very long time. It was quite difficult to flush the scent out of my sinuses. When I revisited this snuff some 6-7 months later, thinking I would give it another try before giving it away to a friend for free. I quickly noticed I loved everything about this snuff from the sweet pudding desert scent right through to the lingering smokey notes. Zwiefacher is now one of the many snuffs I always keep in stock.
  • Technically, my first snuff order was the 6P bundle, but first, I had gone to some tobacco retailers (the limited ones left open still) and bought Sugandha Sagar Rose, Horse Brand Joshi and NB Madras. Initially I liked Horse Brand Joshi but now I dont. The ones which I disliked were NB Madras, 6P Coffee Kick, Cheeta, Natural, Begum Green and Indian Curry. Now, these are the ones I like. Indian whites and Madras styles are my staples now during the day at work and I love them. In the evenings I move to the ones I find relaxing like 6P Special, Super Kailash, Dholakia Kamal, Ganga and Manjul, and 41P Himtaj Golden. My patterns of likes and dislikes have changed, and yes, there is nothing constant. Things change for me every couple of months depending on which ones I have used more and which I have been ignoring. 
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    My first order was 2-3 poschls quickly followed by an amount of WoS that should give an elephant a headrush.

  • The first I tried was J&H Wilson SP No.1, but the first order I placed to delivery to the house instead of bought local, was an assortment pack of Wilson's ordered direct from the mill.

    The first two I tried out of the pack was Chocolate Orange and Rum & Blackberry. I knew then that snuff was something I was going to enjoy exploring. I also quickly learned from that pack that menthol was not for me, and I have become less and less tolerant of menthol since then.
  • I try snuff before place and order, but in italy theres a little to none choice. So I ordered "blind", but before I look some reviews from YouTube and this site.

    My first was:
    Dholakia White
    Dholakia Black
    Dholakia Rose Chocolate
    Ozona Raspberry
    Glescher prise extra (gold)

    ...and I loved 'em all
  • no idea but it was with MarsCigars who have a great selection of pipe stuff by the way and who I still get my pipe stuff from. And I knew I'd dig it cause I had used snuff for years before but the one place that sold it went out of business. (local place)
  • Samuel Gawith's Kendal Brown Original,Sir Walter Scott's St.James Parish Blend,Fribourg and Treyer Santo Domingo and alot of Gawith Hoggarth's brown pigtails.
    Love them all(especialy the pigtails that are run out...
    :(( )
  • It's difficult for me to remember exactly, but I think it was a whole bunch of Poschl and Bernard tap boxes. Mind you, they were not the first snuffs I tried. For that, I have to go all the way back to the late 1960's, when a local headshop carried this snuff called "CokeSnuff". It came in a 5g, hole in the side, little tin. I remember it was Strawberry flavored, and I loved it, although I hadn't perfected any particular method to snuff it. 
  • Sws lundy foot mull of oa toque toast samuel gawith chocolate hard to find better quality and feeling after having sws snuff a good but maybe too luxury start :)
  • A few yars back when Roderick put coins in Christmas Pudding I bought 2x10g and a 6 pack of bullets.
  • I ordered some vanilla snuff (silver dollar) but it took soo darn long to get to me I had to hunt it down at a smoke shop near by as I live in the states (California) as it was getting shipped to me I took whatever I could find because I wanted to try snuff so bad. Soo I called a smoke shop and found some silver dollar cherry and I went to go pick it up. I actually really liked it. Go figure that Monday my package came of vanilla Hahahaha! Now I am open to try many new flavors as I love snuff! :)

  • my first snuff i tried was silver dollar apricot and blueberry at my local pipe tobacco shop.i did not like the menthol so i searched on mr.snuff which my tobacconist told me about  i bought gotards,fribourg and treyer,toques,samuel gawiths on my first mr.snuff order...the rest is history
  • it was a bigger order with all sorts of various snuffs to try them all and then when i noticed i like it a lot i put up another order just 3 days later
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