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With what snuff will you sleep tonight?

I find it very interesting the moment in which you find more pleasant one type of snuff or another.
I personally love to sleep with something inside my nose and the night is a key moment, normally I prefer a thick snuff with a strong aroma, tonight I'm going to sleep with Toque Berbick Brown and Toque Violet.
I open this thread daily and I ask you,
With what snuff will you sleep tonight?
Sweet Dreams. I-)


  • When I go to bed in the morning, I'll probably have some floral snuff in my nose.
  • I used l260 for many years, but I've recently switched to Toque Coltsfoot; I find the aroma has a soothing effect and is low in the nicotine department (high nic gives me the most peculiar dreams).  However, I've mixed my current stock with a goodly dose of Toque Rustica and, guess what, it ain't so soothing any more.  The combination, though, is fantastic.
  • I always have an Indian snuff on my bedside table, I find them very relaxing. Right now it's 41 Photo Himtaj Black.
  • :-?

    Whatever I last took a pinch of ...

  • 6P Special - usually my bed time snuff. 
  • 5 Photo Himalaya and 6 Photo Kailash are my nightcaps of choice.
  • A beautiful Old Mill Scent....until my stash runs out. :(
  • Old Paris
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    Tonight my bed time is for 6p Super Kailash, my favorite 6p snuff.
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    @50ft_trad I dont understand you, sorry.
    @Zanaspus I would love to try that snuff, I have not yet had the opportunity.
    @Dxx Nicotine steals my sleep, although sometimes it causes me a slight euphoria that makes me feel really good during the day. I will try to combine some of my favorites with Toque Rustica ,I have Rustica almost un used.
  • WOS Ice Liquorice.
  • @frandelrio Sorry to confuse you. I meant that I do not pick specific snuffs as a night time snuff, or last pinch of the day. Whatever happens to be the last snuff I took that day, will be what is in my nose when I sleep. I also try not to take a pinch immediately before bed, as nicotine can sometimes stop me getting to sleep.
  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    Spanish Gem with some Bruton on the bedside table if I wake up and want a midnight pinch.
  • @50ft_trad I'm sorry, it's that I'm Spanish and it costs me a little to understand haha, it happens to me many times the same as you.
    But today to sleep I will take a good pinch of 6p medicated 666, I am beginning to find bad chest, it hurts when coughing and I hope to clear myself with this pure freshness.
  • Nothing. If I use snuff before bed I either can't sleep, or I wake up the next day feeling very tired and unrested. It definitely interferes with restful sleep for me. I try to stick to a "no snuff after 10pm" rule.

    I recently got a couple of dolakia herbals to see how they do me. Haven't really tested them out yet.
  • Florals if anything. They're a calming scent which helps me sleep a little easier. But I have to be careful not to do too much snuff before bed. If I do too much during the day nothing much happens but right before bed and my nose ends up dry and sensitive.
  • pinch of Old Paris is nice and relaxing :)
  • Tonight it'll be SugandhSagar Rose.
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