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WoS Dynamite

A belter. A nice, but not silly, menthol kick on a dark base which is a lovely touch. Mellows off to a camphor back note with maybe a hint of citrus and the dark tobacco brings a wonderful fruity roundness. If you like menthols and dark tobaccos, you'll not go wrong with this.


  • Certainly an SP scent after the menthol dies away. Lovely.
  • I didn't get any camfor from this.
  • i dont get any camphor either. i think i detect a little peppermint. does anyone else get that? i also think its got more vitamin N than any other menthol ive tried.
  • @Peacock, really!? It is rated low on the WoS site. 
  • wow ive never looked around the site before because the dont ship to the states. i bookmarked it to look through more of it later. the site rates it as a 3 out of 5 on nic which is more than id say about most menthols. that is my main complaint with them, they are never strong on nicotine. all the WoS menthols do seem to be stronger than most though especially when compared to poschl.
    i often disagree with the amount of nicotine in snuffs. some just hit me harder than others but i might be crazy 
  • @peacock I think it all depends on your nose more than the actual snuff. I don't get so much nic from Toque W&H but I do from others. 
  • For me WoS Dynamite is moderate in nicotine, and I don't detect any camfor, but it might me that the menthol
    overpowers it
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