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Too many tins open ... is it just me?

I've been gradually trying to reduce the amount of tins and tubs that I have got open and part used at any one time. I have decanted a lot of them into small jars so they store better, and have been focussing my daily use on tins that are already open.

I still have a lot of work to do! 8-|

As a few of the ones that I've been working from are running low, I dug out the case of "live" tins to see what to leave out on the table next. Here are the tins that I currently have open.....

.... this is embarrassing....

F&T: Bordeaux, Dr JR Justice, Macouba, Morlaix, Morocco, Princes Special, Seville

GH: Ambassador, Cherry, Dry Orange, Mitchells, Peppermint, Sea Breezes, Strawberry, Western Glory, Wild Mint

Jaxons: 1869, SP Premium

JHW: SP No.1

Molens: A/P, Chocomint, Prins Regent

M&W: Citrus Delight, Rumba

McC: Mild Lemon

SG: 2013 Xmas Special, Elmos Reserve, Grousemoor, Toffee, Yellow Crest, Vanilla

Toque: Champagne, Coltsfoot, Pomegranate, Pumpkin Pie, SP Extra, ST Clements, Spanish Gem, Toffee, Xmas Pudding

WoS: Aniseed and Eucalyptus, Burgundy, Butterscotch, Chocolate Mint, Dr Rumneys Brown, Jockey Club, Morlaix, Royal George, Spearmint Plus, Strawberry, Vanilla, Wall

... and there I was considering opening a few tins of Toque's that I've got stashed and haven't tried yet. Focus man, focus! b-(

Is it just me, or is anyone else in this mess? 8-}

What tins do you have open right now?


  • I was a good boy. I put the unopened Toques away, and refilled my day box with Jaxons SP Premium O:-)
  • I have far more than that open :)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    edited October 17 PM
    Yall are bad! Dont open all snuffs, mmkay? Opening all snuffs is bad, mmkay? If you open all snuffs, youre bad, cause opening all snuffs is bad, mmmkay?
  • Not a single snuff purchase lays unopened in my house. Lol :D
  • I've stopped counting my open tins................
  • Oh good, not just me then :D

    I'm still going to try and reduce them though. I don't know what's more impressive, having 52 part used tins, or having over 20 different snuffs that I've never tried, stowed away in sealed tins for well over a year. :-O

    You guys are a bad influence >:)
  • What good is having a tin if it isn't open !? 
  • :D

    Having no tins open would be crazy. 8-} Keeping the other (unspecified :P ) number of tins sealed hopefully maintains the condition for later. ;)

    Having said all that, I could probably do with revisiting all my jars, and seeing if I can get any more stock transferred there. :-? I don't mind part using a jar as much as part using a tin. Jars don't tend to go rusty :-\"
  • This is why I only buy small tins. I can't dedicate my self to any one tin when there are so many good ones out there. 
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited October 17 PM
    I started like that. Then I started buying larger tins because they were better value.

    Then I started buying several larger tins when there were deals on.... even if I hadn't tried the snuff before, but it was reviewed as something similar to a snuff I already liked ....

    Then I started buying bulk drums / bags of my favourites ...

    Then the EU TPD thing happened and several UK suppliers dropped their prices massively to clear out the discontinued snuffs ...

    A plus B plus C plus D equals X_X

    Then my income stopped, and so did my purchasing. Not that I'll need any more for a VERY long time :-\"
  • bobbob Member
    I have one snuff box eventually plan on getting a second. So nope don't have that problem at all.
  • Good for you bob :-bd
  • bobbob Member
    bulk is just better then tins. I'd frankly rather have a snuff I think is o.k. from bulk then a favorite from a tin.
  • I do agree with this to an extent. A while ago I started moving more towards snuffs that I can enjoy all day long, or for several hours at a time, rather than snuffs that I loved but could only take the occasional pinch of. I stocked up heavily on plain snuffs, and use this for diluting the more potently perfumed snuffs such as Royal George. On it's own RG can be wonderful yet overwhelming, but used say 3:1 in a plain snuff can turn it into something pleasant that you can spend all day with. My bulk contains copious quantities of KB Plain, Yellow Crest, Blue Crest, Thors Hammer, and Toque Plain Coarse (among several others) for this very reason. Most of the F&T snuffs that I use get diluted for all day consumption.
  • I have a lot of open tins but I reseal them with electrical tape if I think that I won't be pinching from them within a week or so.
  • LiamLiam Member
    @willynelson I do the same and then stash them in biscuit tins, works well.
    In the unlikely event that one dries out after year I just re-hydrate it leaving it over night with a couple of drops of distilled water (pharmacy grade to avoid mold).
  • Oh I have many tins open, stashed in a huge plastic box, and some contents of each tin decanted in small travel plastic tins I carry with me everywhere. So that doubles the open tins. 
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