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HISTORY No. 28 Dry Snuff, 1837.

Newspaper advertisement.

Wick                     Friday December 22,   1837.                             Price Threepence.

                                 John O'Groat Journal,  
And Weekly Advertiser for Caithness, Sutherland, Orkney, and Shetland.


                                   TO SNUFFERS

As the air tends to make all SNUFFS dry and tasteless, we have of late given 
our attention to remedy this, and now offer a pinch, which will be found fresh, with
all its original flavour and pungency at any time, arising from the snuff being secured
in PACKAGES, made so as to exclude the air.
The following have been prepared in Pounds, Halfs and Quarters:-

Black         Rappee                                     Tonquin        Mixture
Gillespie         do.                                       Macouba         do.
Brown             do.                                       Frazer's           do.
Dark Brown    do.                                       Rob Roy's        do.
Light Brown    do.                                       Abercromby's   do.        
                              Scotch and Imperial.

These are inclosed in wrappers bearing a view of Edinburgh, and will be found
on sale at most of the retail shops in Scotland.
The Trade supplied as formerly through our agents:-

Mr D McDonald , High Street, Inverness;
Messrs. G.Reid and Sons, Union Street, Aberdeen;
MrJ Henderson, Castle Street, Dundee;  or at our shops in Kirkaldy, Alloa, and Edinburgh.

                                      RALPH RICHARDSON & CO.

                                          By Special Appointment.
                    Snuff Manufacturers in Scotland to Her Majesty
                                                Queen Victoria.



  • The art of rehydration is a very valuable trick to reclaiming faded snuffs. Although as this is a sales pitch, I will forgive them for not eluding to that ;) :D
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