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Anyone in the US ever tried ordering direct from WoS?

My usual snuff vendor hasn't had Old Paris in stock for months.  I feared they stopped making Old Paris, but I looked on Wilson's website, and it seems to still be available.  Has anyone in the US ever tried ordering from them before?


  • peacockpeacock Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    they only ship to the UK. its on the bottom of the page under the title "Please Note". a huge bummer
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    Any trustworthy members outside of the USA who would be willing to act as proxies for those of us in the USA? I think it would be appropriate for us to sweeten the pot for you for your trouble.
  • @peacock I'm not sure if that is a recent development, but I have ordered directly from WoS to Israel. 
  • @yisraeldov i have no idea when that started. i checked i first started snuffing and they didnt ship to the U.S. i tried again just a few days ago. i thought maybe i could order some handkerchiefs (no tobacco) but they wouldnt accept the payment for them. 
  • WoS doesn't ship to the US as their payment handler won't let them, even if it's a non-tobacco order. I can only assume they do not have the same problems accepting payment from Israel.
  • I messaged them last week about shipping to Canada and it was a no go. In the reply they mentioned that all North American orders for WoS snuffs should be placed through Mr. Snuff.
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