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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.


edited August 2008 in General
I'm still suffering from a cold, so I decided to mix me a special "Cold Snuff". I blended one third each of: McChrystals O&G, Taxi Spearmint and Toque Peppermint. Goes "up" well and clears my nose so that I can "taste" the snuff. One other brand which I can "taste" while having this cold , is Ozona Raspberry. It really is a "fresh and fruity" snuff and it does clear my nose as well. Any other remedies will be much appreciated


  • Well, the perfect accompaniment with that woud be whisky or rum, hot water, honey and lemon juice - if I'm feeling really terrible I will disolve an aspirin in there - you can't taste it and its a much nicer version of the over the counter cold powders.
  • Damn straight, snuffster. The last time I had a cold, it was Toque menthol and hot toddies several times daily. Now *that's* herbal medicine I can stand behind.
  • I might be buying into the myth here, but I haven't really had a cold since I started snuffing. There is some truth (I think) in that taking snuff and regularly clearing out your nose does keep colds at bay. When I have been feeling a bit run down, snuff doesnt work for me. It doesnt stop me taking it, but I cut back a lot. Though, touch wood, I have had a pretty healthy year so far.
  • I guess I've been lucky as I haven't had a cold since 1996, even longer since I've had the flu, knock on wood. Maybe its the mountain air or maybe just all the tobacco & bourbon.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    you know I think you are right, whatever the Dr's say all thoses things do seem to help. I wouldn't be surprised if you dropped some snuff intoa petrie dish that had cold virus in it, the virus wouldn't be pleased. In any case, it seems to act like a product I've seen called 'first defence' - thats a spray that catches the cold virus in a barrier
  • Hedges L260 or Toque Menthol are my cold snuffs never use them any other time. As soon as I feel a cold coming on I snuff either of those two snuffs and I feel fine. Hedges also takes headaches off as well in my experience.

  • you are not supposed to take aspirin with alcohol.
    there might be some nasty side effects.
    maybe it works for you, but i really would not recommend it.
  • I like GH's CM - Camphor & Menthol for a cold. Seems to work pretty good at getting you unclogged.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    > you are not supposed to take aspirin with alcohol.
    > there might be some nasty side effects.
    > maybe it works for you, but i really would not recommend it.

    Yes, but if you wash down the aspirin and alcohol with a couple of shots of cough syrup you hardly notice the problem ;)
  • I thought is was aspirin and Coke.

    Sparrow cool opens me up for a while when I get real stuffed up.
  • bobbob Member
    actualy science has already proven nicoteen to have a powerfull antiseptic effect. Which is what some scientist think causes smokers breath. Because in the mouth it kills the good germs that normaly kill the bad germs, when compounded with the dry mouth from the smoke this makes for an enviroment where bad germs can grow easily. Next time you start getting a cold and you have green snot drop some snuff in the green snot interesting effect to say the least.
  • I thought it was Pop Rocks & Coke that was bad?
  • Yeah thats what killed Mikey Likes It
  • I have felt a cold coming on and snuffed all day to kill it in its tracks.
    I have not been sick since I finished the temp job I had that was next to the medical waste disposal place and down the street from the chemical waste transport place.
    That was the sickest I have ever been. Every doctors I went to kept asking what foreign countries I had been to.
  • My answser should have been f&#)en Kingsly Rd. It seemed like a foreign land.
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