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Is Brad Pitt a Toque snuffer?

This came up in conversation the other day. I was told Mr Pitt was a Toque customer. I have been told this before but dismissed it as idol speculation. it was after that film he made a couple of years ago where he is seen taking snuff. However, this time it came with another name associated with that film that made it sound more plausible. 

Who else famous do we know who might help us switch smokers on to the benefits of snuff?


  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    I have no clue whether he is a Toque customer, although I do recall reading somewhere, probably here, that he snuffed Toque in the film. I can tell you that a number of people who have seen me snuffing have asked me if I am doing what Brad Pitt does in Inglorious Basterds. That is, they had only Brad Pitts snufftaking in Inglorious Basterds as a point of reference. This has happened at least 3 times. The surest path for snuffing to gain popularity is for sexy celebrities to make it look cool. It has a potential for fast appeal to the artisanal, DIY, anachronism-loving indie youth demographic, the hipsters, the cultural trendsetters. All it would take is for someone like Ryan Gosling to conspicuously use snuff in a popular film for people to start getting interested. Brad Pitt only took a couple of pinches in the film, and rather inconspicuously, and that alone has already given people a point of reference, and the idea that snuff is interesting and cool. They see that a couple more times and they are going to start googling.
  • Rowan Atkinson has been caught snuffing in public.
  • me in another year or so. I just have to get the famous part as I am already a sexy snuffer.
  • We're routing for you Bob!
  • alright I got a plan. When I get money we're gonna make a bespoke. See and it's gonna be great. You'll accidentally send half of it ;) to the wrong snuffer. And well we'll get to step two when I figure it out.
  • LOL!
  • I see by the LoL you know who to send the "wrong" snuff too!
  • no doubt he lives up in holywood hills or Malibu I could always go all TMZ and 
    hang out outside the few tobacconists left in the area :) 
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