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Dholakia Green and Sparrow (Green)


I've been looking for info about Dholakia Green, being curious about it because Green was my first natural snuff and it has most intence nicotine effect compared to other snuffs i tried (which are not many and i never tried American ones), and its effect is also somewhat
It takes more time (compared to other snuffs) before i feel the
nicotine hit, but after few minutes it's so intence and somewhat different, though i can't
really explain the difference..
I was wondering if Dholakia Green has any rustica in it. But i noticed that there's no reference to Green on Dholakia website.
There's "Sparrow (Green)" though. I suspect that Green and Sparrow (Green) is same thing, probably a recent change, but i'm not sure.
I've seen Green in 10g bags only, while Sparrow comes in tins and tap boxes (and bulk packages).
I did not order Sparrow yet, but looking at reviews it sounds similar to Green (natural, fine, dry, high nicotine).
Could anyone who tried both Green and Sparrow clarify, are they identical?


  • Green and Sparrow are different, although the consistency might be similar. Sparrow is a pure tobacco, no flavored hay like smelling tobacco. No other scent to it. 
    Green is like Dholakia's Medicated No. 10 without the menthol. Has some herbal and spice feel to it.
  • AntonAnton Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    I've seen it earlier on some review that Green is alike Medicated. But that was probably some special batch :)
    The Green i've got (and i've got 2 x 10g bags) is actually pure tobacco, it smells like hay indeed.
    That's why i assume that it's just an old name for Sparrow.

    Funny thing - i actually ordered Medicated No.10 (10g tin) when i've got green from Snuffstore :)
    Though it seems hard to mix up since Green is not even available in tins. Stickers colour is green on both, that's the only common thing :)

    So it seems Green is just od name of Sparrow.
  • AntonAnton Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    Just to avoid confusion, this is the Green i've got. It's pure tobacco for sure.
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