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Addiction, Affliction or just an enthusiast?

As someone who has over indulged in every type of tobacco product with the exception being chew, I often wondered over the years why I keep going back and forth to different types and why each becomes almost like a completely new experience making dive deeply into a coma of this nicotine enjoyment.
I am starting to believe that I am a enthusiast for tobacco products and it isn't a addiction at all, just a simple love for a plant that I can enjoy in so many different ways.
What about you?


  • I asked myself why i returm to snuff and i have no good answer. I think i just use it to enjoy wasting my time.
    There's nothing really attactive in nicotine for me.. I never really smoked (just for a while being a teenager), i overdosed several times and ended up hating tobacco smoke (especially cigarette smoke, which i consider one of the most repulsive things, i literally hold my breath when smoker walks by).
    But snuff.. Intoduced to snuff in 1997 being a student (that was J&H Wilson's Medicated No.99, i still have that 25g tin without any health warnings) i barely finished a half of it. Next thing i remember i stumbled upon Poschl's mentholated snuffs in 2000-s and started using them occasionally, in ridiculous amounts, maybe 15g per year and not for long, maybe 2-3 years. And i got back to snuff again just few months ago. This time i took it seriously. I was ready to do research and invest in it. Trying an learning every day. Why?
    My best guess i just need some pointless activity i enjoy that requires dedication.
    A way to utilize unclaimed dedication maybe? :)
  • Yeah, I've tried and liked almost all forms of tobacco. No chew, but snuss, pipes, cigars, rollies, tailor mades. These days I feel very contemptuous of cigarettes, but I've still used the other forms at least until very recently. I had a disgusting persistent hacking cough for about a month that might just as well have been caused by air pollution, but I decided to ditch the cigars and pipe for a while. I'm beginning to feel that I should avoid smoke altogether and just use snuff from now on, but yeah, the tobacco plant and the coffee plant are two great gifts. All hail the minor alkaloids! And the plants that contain them!
  • Recovering nicotine addict. I'm doing it the hard way, by wanting to break the addiction but still use nicotine on my terms. Pipe and snuff are my choices, and I am slowly getting to the stage when I can use them when I want to, not when overwhelmed by "need"
  • I was an addict of cigarettes, so I switched to snuff. Then viola, it helped me with my migraines and cold too, so I stuck to it. Been almost a year now and I think I am (in decreasing order) a snuff enthusiast and then an addict. However, even if I don't use snuff for half a day or so, I don't go mad for nicotine.
  • Kudos for such great stories :)
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    I really do appreciate your input
  • I don't do nicotine, I am nicotine.  8-X8-X8-X8-X8-X
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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