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Canadian Post - 50 days before we resend

Hi, to all our Canadian customers on snuffhouse. 

 For the last few years we have sent replacement orders to those whose order hasn't arrived by the Royal Mail official 28 days. The problem is none ever go missing and both the original and the resend finally arrive. Usually the original arrives a few days after the resend. All our claims from Royal mail are disallowed as nothing has been lost. Fortunately we haven't lost a fortune and we can live with it but now we are going to only send resends after 50 days. I am so sorry but it really is out of our hands. The great news is we only get around 1-2 delayed out of the hundreds that go to Canada every month.


  • This is good to know. My last order took just over a month but it did eventually arrive. Canada Post is a mess.
  • I hear you @crullers, Australia post is the same.
    It is not uncommon for a parcel to take two weeks to get from Sydney to Perth. Within the the country !!
  • Never had to wait more than 15 days for an order from Toque, and I'm on the West side of Canada.
  • I think the delay time comes from different experience levels of the agents that examine the packages for entry. I had one take over a month and was taxed as a
  • No tax on that order. Maybe they held it and decided it was my lucky day, who knows.
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