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New Canadian Record for Fastest and Slowest delivery.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2017 in General
72 days! What makes this so extraordinary is we also had in the same week a delivery to Toronto in 6 days. Thankfully most deliveries arrive between 8-12 days but, how strange is Canadian post?


  • Assuming it left the UK and was in Canada in two days (as it would have been) where was it for the next 70 days?

  • dwhytedwhyte Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    I don't think it's Canada Post that's the problem, it's most likely the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) taking their sweet time clearing the package.
  • The post is strange, for sure.  What's even stranger is that after at least 30 mail orders over the years I was never once charged duty.  Some of the now-defunct sites used to label the packages as things other than snuff, but now the companies are list the contents as "snuff" and they still don't charge duty even though there are duty rates (and they're incredibly high).
  • Canadian post is notoriously bad both sending and receiving: very pricey too.
  • Im still waiting for a snus order. 24 days and counting. I have had some in only 5 days, at this point ill be surprised if it shows up... but I did see a facebook post about a box of cigars from 2016 just getting delivered, so you never know
  • I'm still waiting on an order from mr.snuff to arrive. I ordered it oct. 8th.
  • That's 73 days and counting. I live in Calgary.
  • I guess that's a new record. Damn. Not sure who to blame. My next order I'm waiting on was ordered oct. 10th so that's 71 days and counting. I think I'll break that record twice at least. Oct 20th was my most recent order and 1 out of 10 items came from that one.
  • I wouldn't order from mr.snuff again, unless I'm compensated for the extreme waits. Hell, I'd be happy to just get my order. I have a feeling they will never show up. I filed service tickets with Canada Post, that got me nowhere. Choked!
  • When I order poschl snuffs from Germany they arrive in under 2 weeks every time... And shipping only costs 2$!!
  • I am considering trying some toque snuff but it's from UK too and mr.snuff has made me wary of UK snuff shops. It's way faster and cheaper ordering from Germany but I can only get poschl and am a bit sick of poschl atm.
  • Maxandtan, We send a replacement order after 48 days (28 days for the rest of the World). On average our Canadian customers get their orders in 8-12 days however I would guess we have one every couple of months that goes on a tour of Canada before it is finally delivered. The amazing thing is we haven't lost a single parcel.
  • Supposedly my mr.snuff shipments are on the 2nd replacement order. Still waiting...
  • @Maxandtan I have never had one not show up but over 30 days isn
  • I give up
  • I've never had a problem ordering from Toque @Maxandtan. One order took a month to get here but most arrive in a couple of weeks. I think the bottleneck occurs at CBSA, but I seldom get dinged for taxes on snuff.
  • Another questionable thing about mr.snuff, initially he gave me the same tracking number for 2 different orders. When I asked him about it he responded,

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the email.

    You are correct, I have thoroughly checked and can see that only order #48661 has the tracking #UA407519025US. It was a technical error due to which one tracking# was showing for two different orders.

    We are going to re-ship you the order#48585 and will provide you with a new tracking number.

    I hope the above email finds you well.


    However nothing ever arrived. Seems shady.
  • edited December 2017 PM

    I followed that tracking number, and for some reason that tracking number shows that the package arrived in Chicago on November 3rd and is ready for pickup.

    I wonder if it is possible that they put the wrong label on your order?

  • Canadian snuffer, you have to type everything on snuffhouse. We can't use symbols of any kind. 

    Konrad, I hope you are lucky but, I should warn you Ontario is the worst for delayed deliveries.

    Maxandtan, Don't use tracked, tracked is fatal. It alerts customs to what is in the package and this causes further delay. However in your case it has to ship first. I'm sure Dave is on to it.
  • Hi Roderick,

    It came today. Usually MrSnufff gets me my order in 5-6 business days. This took a few extra days (probably because of the holidays). Thank God it came today, though!!!

    I should have done more snuff searching though, because the Toque Ambrosia sounds excellent! Gonna post a thread on it for opinion. Def be in my next order.

  • @Roderick I know... silly autocorrect on my phone was adding them in!
  •   Sounds like there is quite a difference in delivery times across Canada. That being the case I'd like to share my experience in the off chance the information is of any value in this conversation.

      I'll admit,  I was very skeptical as to whether the Canadian Border Services Agency would let mine go through the mail, as I've never ordered nasal snuff before. After about 18 days I had basically started to accept that the package was probably not arriving and would live forever in the limbo of the Customs Office. However, just 2 days after Christmas (3 weeks after ordering) a nicely bubble wrapped package arrived in my mailbox, and behold, it was the order from Mr. Snuff. Neatly packaged and perfectly intact. I'm not sure if I just got lucky but they also charged me $0.00 in duty fees. Call it a Christmas miracle.

      And just in case it wasn't a miracle and has something to do with the particulars of my order I can say that the package was clearly labelled as "Nasal Snuff" on the tag, but I picked the cheapest shipping rates which don't require a signature. Perhaps this had something to do with it? Granted, I am taking a gamble that the neighborhood kids don't steal my package while I'm at work but maybe the fact that it didn't need a signature is why I didn't pay fees? I don't know. Just thought it was worth sharing. Thanks again Mr.Snuff, you certainly made this Saskatchewan boy's Christmas holiday a little more cheerful. I've already placed my next order.

      Have a great new year all. See you in 2018.
  • That's pretty great considering mail is always slower to arrive around Christmas.

    I have ordered from MrSnuff about 7 or 8 times over 3-4 years and I have never been charged any duties at all. I am in Ontario.
  • Good day all,

      Here's a quick follow up on my 2nd order from
    Ordered 457g of products. Total package weight was 1032g. Arrived today. Order was placed on Dec.21.2017 and shipped on Dec.21.2017. Total of 13 days to arrive at my doorstep.
    Paid no fees besides the shipping (which was basically free because of the Xmas discount.)
    Thanks again This is definitely an exciting variety of products to try out over the months to come.

    P.S. The metal snuff bullets I ordered are fantastic. Work great. Larger than I thought they would be, which is nice. they portion a mid-large serving size and hold enough to pack around many days worth of snuff. I highly recommend adding them to your collection.



  • @Yeshua

    That's pretty good considering it was over the holidays. Glad to hear you weren't dinged at customs!

  • I've never had to pay duties on snuff and I've had orders for over 1kg of snuff.
  • I've been taxed 3 or 4 times on considerably less than 1kg. I try to keep my orders to around 200g now just in case.
  • edited January 2018 PM
    @n9inchnails I have. Once it was taxed as a novelty item on the customs paperwork and I got dinged for two dollars. Every other time it has been taxed the same as snus. Highest ever was 145 when I ordered from Toque directly. But it seems that a majority of snuff they don
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