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Bernard Questions

I was looking at snuff on a Chinese site.
I came across this Bernard snuff called 'Der Edle Geschmack' or something, which costs USD 52.00 for a 10g tap box on the website.
I googled it and couldn't find anything.
Does anyone know what this is?
Also, I couldn't find Fichtennadel on Bernard's official online store. They've recently disappeared from mrsnuff as well. Does this mean Bernard is discontinuing it?


  • Might be legit. Bernard does bespoke for websites and such. Also the Chinesse market isn't sure how to actually handle luxury goods yet. As in there are lots more rich people then there where a few decades ago, so not much of a tradition of this is the expensive good shit rich people enjoy. So that's pretty open. PBR was selling for a high price for a while.
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