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Carrying non threaded tins

Hello, I have a quick question. Do any of you carry around non threaded snuff tins? If so how secure are they? Have anyone had one open in your pockets? I have some small tins without threads and I want to carry them around, but I don't want to have one open in my pocket.


  • Yep. I carry a 35 gr tin of white elephant everyday. It opened a couple of times while I was reaching for it but didn
  • Spill. Use a piece of tape across the top
  • Ok cool.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    Depends on the size of the tin. I can see the 35 gram White Elephant opening up in your pocket, but I have carried 5 gram non-threaded metal tins in my pocket for weeks without incident.
  • Yeah like the little Wilson
  • Tins. They seem to behave
  • Not sure why this site is truncating
  • My posts. Not using any symbols
  • @jmahes I believe the issue is with apostrophes and some other symbols. Cuts off the post at the symbol. Does not happen from my laptop, but it happens from my iPhone and iPad.
  • Ok. I would only carry a smaller non threaded tin like a 5g or mcchrystals 3.5 or something similar.
  • @willynelson yeah that is whats happening to me
  • I don't carry non threaded tins. Most of my snuff is decanted in small plastic ones I bought in bulk.
  • it's not if they'll open but when. And nothing sucks as much as realizing you don't have any snuff because the damn tin came open. Proper snuff storage is a good idea.

  • Rubber band wrapped a few times around it works for me.
  • i am a huge fan of toque 10g tins. i have ordered many of those (often instead of buying bulk) just for the tins. ive got tons of them. i could get them other places but i like getting them with snuff already packed in it. that way, you kill 2 birds with one stone  :))
  • Never had a tin open in my pocket and I carry lots of small tins of McChrystals and WoS. Only time I had a spill was a SD snuff that I didn't close all the way, still have  a stain on my shirt. 
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