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An email from Toni at Bernard

willynelsonwillynelson Member
edited November 2017 in General
Hi everyone,

I just got an email from Toni at Bernard, responding to my query about their status in light of Mr. Snuff discontinuing the Bernard line. The good news is that Bernard is still in operation with no plans to close up shop. The bad news is that they cannot sell in the USA or to the UK, for reasons made clear in the email. Here is the email.

Dear William,

thank you very much for your Email.
This information you have is not true, we did not discontinue our snuffs and we are not closing, but we do not deliver directly to the US due to legal reasons.
Mr. Snuffs business with us was in the UK and they did deliver to the US. Since last year there is a new tobacco law in the EU including the UK and the UK is charging a very high fee each year for each snuff tobacco coming into the UK. So we had to stop our business with the UK because we cannot afford this fee.
But a customer from us is shipping to the USA, his company is located in Poland.
If you like, you can contact him: [email redacted until I can verify that it is okay to share]

Best regards,

Bernard Schnupftabak GmbH
Toni Alhauser-Clausen

I will be in touch with this Polish shop soon to gauge their willingness and ability to ship to the United States, as well as to ask whether I may share their contact information publicly. You will know as soon as I do.

Best regards from the Sonoran Desert,


  • wow. if they will ship, i suggest we stock up. can't know how long this might last
  • @willynelson you maybe a hero. I am not sure yet but Bernards are the one German snuff company that I love. And desperately miss some of their snuffs.
  • Hi, I wonder if they could ship to the UK as well?
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    @bob I love the Poschl schmalzlers. But Poschl makes schmalzler, whereas Bernard IS schmalzler. The Bernard schmalzlers are unquestionably superior, and indeed among the best snuffs of any kind in the world.

    @guinessandsnuff This email seems to indicate that they do not ship into the UK due to high importation fees, or taxes, or whatever. Thus it seems that Bernard will not ship directly to customers in the UK. It is possible that some third party suppliers, for example this Polish store, will ship to the UK, but that is undetermined by us as yet. I will ask this Polish supplier about UK shipping.
  • Thank you, that would be most appreciated!
  • I agree. Poschl schmalzlers are good but.... Bernard has it down for that style. Though the best schmalzlers by far come from Sternecker. Who I hope is still producing. Their stuff was just divine. Only schmalzler I could do daily.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Rest assured I am working on a solution for this ridiculous situation.

    I will let you know.
  • Thank you @MrSnuff!
  • @MrSnuff the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  • Need to set up shop in the Caymen Islands, and keep that schmalzler flowing.  B-)
  • @willynelson Could you please PM me a link to that Polish store? Thanks!
  • Spread the love, Canadian here looking to get my Bernard schmalzer fix, if I can get an order in it will be for a half KG!
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