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Clausen's Skuggi Neftobak Klassiskt

Does anyone know if this is actually intended for nasal use? Very moist and clumpy. Also, has a very medicinal aroma to it. Any information or reviews anyone would like to share about it would be awesome, thanks!


  • IcepickIcepick Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    Wow sounds weird, never heard of this stuff.
    Very informative thread here: http://snuffhouse.com/discussion/4260/neftobak/p2
  • sounds like it's for oral use but could be snuffed. Pro tip you can snuff los snus. It certainly works but isn't really recomended. 
  • Hi, icepick. I did read that thread before posting. I got two types of tobacco when I was in Iceland. One that was simply called Neftobak by ATVR and then the one I mentioned. The Neftobak is quite nice. Medium to fine grain, ever so slightly moist, pleasant tobacco aroma and taste with a good nic kick. Then I opened this one and was rather disappointed. Considering throwing it out. Still have a 15g unopened container of it, too.
  • Bob, I did try snuffing it and only got a little bit in my nose because the rest fell out due to clumpy consistency.
  • PrismasterPrismaster Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    Its for oral use, as far as i understand. There is a topic about it here on the forum.

    Edit: But they got for the nose too!
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