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HISTORY No.29. 1828 Newspaper Advert. Smoking Room.

Taken from an English  newspaper printed in  1828.

PLAY-GOERS  and Gentlemen of Leisure are respectfully  
informed, that the CIGAR DIVAN,42 King Street Covent Garden, is
within one minutes walk of Covent Garden, Drury Lane,and English Opera Theatres.
To those wishing to visit either of the same, at whole or half play, this elegant and fash-
ionable lounge will prove a most desirable place of rendevous and appointment,
and to those who enjoy an excellent Cigar with good Coffee unacceptionable
society, Chess, Magazines, Reviews, Phrenological Journals, all of the London and 
several of the Provincial Newspapers, the above highly patronised Establishment has 
not it its equal in the metropolis. Open from 4 to 11 o'clock.
     Warehouse for the Latakia Snuff and Digestive Cigars.


  • Nipping out of theatres at the interval, for a pint and a smoke would seem to be an old past time.
    In my younger days theatre bars were always tiny affairs, getting served was a nightmare. 
    So at the interval we used to decamp into the pub next door until the play restarted. 
     Looks like we were unknowingly carrying on an old tradition.

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