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wrong side?

you know how one nostril is typical more open then the other. Well I would snuff on the open side. Last couples days I have been snuffing through the more closed off nostril and the results are it's a lot easier as effective and less sneezy. Worth a try.


  • Is there a reason to use only one nostril? I always sniff into both nostrils. I imagine you would not get the full experience using just one nostril. Am I wrong?
  • I'm with @willynelson. I can't imagine the one sided experience..
  • If I have a slightly closed nostril, I would use an Indian white to open it and then use both sides. I can't think of snuffing using only one. There is no fun in that for me. 
  • I've always been partial to using one side. For some reason the this nostril then that one doesn't seem to improve the experience for me. The thing is I've always assumed that it must for other people because of the way that some snuffers insist that's the only way to go. Like not just on this list but if you read back when Europeans first started snuffing.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Just tested this..I like putting snuff in my more open nostril, I get more of the scent, but best is to use both.

  • this is why I love this site. Before finding this place snuff was an all by yourself type of thing. Well now after talking with everyone I've tried the both nostril thing and realized it works best but for me and the way my nose works I have to start with the more closed nostril and then go to the more open. 
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    I agree with @willynelson. I cannot imagine ignoring that poor abandoned unfulfilled nostril. Seems to me to be a form of cruelty. It just aint right.  :-S
  • There was an old thread (I forget the title) where there were several references to this. But also where a number of folks would try a snuff in one nostril and a different one on the other side. I never have tried it myself but.....
  • I tend to load the open nostril first, as it's the more difficult one for me (without the snuff going too far back), and then the more closed one. Always the same snuff both sides, but I have been known to layer up (a plain coarse, followed by a finer scented snuff)
  • MonkMonk Member
    My right nostril is much more sensitive than my left so I usually use only put about half as much in there as compared to the left
  • I put nasal snuff in both nostrils at the same time for the fuller flavour. With very fine snuffs I have to pinch them and shove my fingers in my nose and rub the snuff around my nostrils until I can feel a part of my brain. I have never managed to gently inhale powdered snuffs without them getting into my lungs- which can't be good at all.   
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