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Yellow Crest Blues

I'm reaching the end of my stock of this often overlooked, and now defunct, snuff. Does anyone have any recommendations for possible substitutes?


  • bespoke maybe some group funded bespoke might be the best option.
  • @Dxx You might be interested in trying SG X Blend. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, too, but one can still obtain some tins from mysmokingshop, where it is neatly described as "a light brown medium moist snuff with a medium to fine texture".
    There is a link to probably the most profound post about this particular snuff: (kudos @Hapax)
    Could anyone who have tried both please confirm / deny  X Blend's similarity to SG Yellow Crest or briefly compare them? @mrmanos, @leman, @Gilliat?

  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    I haven't discovered any direct replacements for this, although it might be worth giving Dr Rumneys Brown a try. There are some similarities to my nose, even though the grind is finer. Another one to try would be Viking Blonde. Luckily I managed to get well stocked up with Yellow Crest before it disappeared.
  • The smoky Dr. Rumney's Brown is definitely worth a try, but my nose tells me its chemical composition is quite different. I prefer Blue and Red Crest over the Yellow, the main reason being different salts or different proportion of salts used. The taste of salts, though I can't identify them, is very pronounced in Yellow, it leaves some kind of metallic aftertaste, and my tin isn't rusty. Now Brown has that characteristic taste of baking powder or sodium carbonate, which can be clearly felt switching to WoS (dry / medium-dry ones) after prolonged use of other manufacturers snuffs.
    The closest substitute (from SG range) that comes to my mind is SG's SP No 1. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued, too. It differs in grind (being fine) but has the same taste (same salts), colour and moisture.
    Second possible could be... SG's Irish D. Quite a leap, indeed, but let's face it - it's the only plain bright snuff kept alive in whole brave new SG range.
  • I have a full plastic tap box of it. As I do with several other disc offerings from SG. These all just sit in the bottom of the dark drawer.
  • Toque Natural? Ermtony mentions it being "Not unlike Samuel Gawith's Yellow Crest, though the grind of the Natural is rather finer than that one". Natural
  • well in that case then it shouldn't even be that hard for a bespoke from toque. Like just natural with a less fine grind.
  • Roderick does a coarse plain, and it's a good snuff, but it's not as bright as YC. It's really nice mixed with a bit of Firedance or Celtic Talisman, but stands well on it's own too.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    It seems Toque uses different basic salts, too. Salts do determine the final result much, taste, smell and general nose feeling included. At least Toque Original alkali-wise is more similar to WoS than any of SG. I will definitely include Toque Natural in my next order.
    I guess there's some potash in SG Yellow Crest, that shapes its character.
  • @Roderick am I wrong that you could probably do a bespoke that would scratch the yellow crest itch? Cause I frankly think you'd be able too.
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