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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

17 Quick and Easy Reviews (Best to Worst)

WeiserWeiser Member
edited December 2017 in Types of Snuff
Hey there, here are some reviews of what I have experienced and observed (best to worst) (my opinion, don't get offended ;) )

Bernard Zwiefacher: Mint Chocolate, cherries and smoky wood

Bernard Magic Moments Black: Sweet Black-forest cake

Samuel Gawith Firedance: Woodfire and smoke

Bernard Alpina: Menthol and sweet berries, kind of a mix between Magic Moments Black and Zwiefacher

Toque Spanish Gem: "Tonka bean" and stale cereal/cardboard

Poschl Apricot: Menthol, tobacco and apricot

6 Photo Medicated No.66: Menthol (Vicks Vapour) some sort of flower/herbs

DeKralingse Bon Bon: Sweet musty wood/tobacco and some sort of liquor

Babaton Blue: Straight up tobacco, slightly sweet, very slight coconut smell?

Abraxas Connoisseur Cerise: Syrupy cherries

6 Photo Super Kailash: Flowery incense, cheap dollar store soap

Wilsons of Sharrow Crumbs of Comfort: Mint, basil, citrus, sweaty socks

Thai "Red": Old bubble gum smell and cherry?

Thai "Purple": Old sweet cherry cough syrup? (practically the same smell as "Red")

McChrystals Raspberry: Damp basements, old musty carpets, sweaty socks and some sort of "berries"

Fribourg & Treyer Morlaix: Baby powder / Makeup and old perfume

Fribourg & Treyer Princes: Gasoline/Ammonia and some sort of synthetic flower smell if that


  • Hey, we all experience things differently. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you smell is wrong. 

    I would only add 2 observations: Next time you sniff Magic Moments Black, think strawberry shortcake and tell me if your experience differs. I have times when I think Red Velvet and other cakes, but ever since the strawberry suggestion by someone else, I get that most often.

    Also, Spanish Gem eliciting Tonka Bean makes sense to me from all my wonderful Lakeland pipe tobaccos. That said, I really don't know if it's in there. Try some SG Elmo's Reserve where the manufacturer has actually told us the main scent is Tonka. P.S. Elmo's smells nothing like other Tonka tobaccos to my nose.

    But some very nice impressions there. 
  • With the friburg and treyer snuffs(except hdt), they were originally meant to be mixed with a natural tobacco snuff. I use toque natural. It makes them less potent.
  • F&T old paris and santo domingo are both also good on their own. Princes has that geranium scent that is very very strong. Diluting that with viking dark would suit the base tobaccos very well. I like an occasional pinch by itself though, even though it's absurd.

    but yeah, old paris might be the real sleeper of the F&T line. amazing snuff.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    I have yet to try old Paris. It's on my next order. Yes, I also take Santo Domingo by itself as well.
  • i use all my F&T snuffs undiluted. a lot of people do mix them but i dont think its made only for diluting with other snuffs. there are plenty of snuffs from other brands with the same intensity of flavor like some of the SG and GH's ive tried IMO
    but F&T is by far my favorite snuff brand anyway with seville as my all time favorite snuff. i love the perfume scents
  • I totally agree with peacock except that my favourite is Bordeaux!!!

  • I agree as well. And, my favorite perfumy one is Bordeaux also. Overall favorite is Old Paris, but one would be hard pressed to call that perfume-like.
  • Also, I'm not sure where this "meant to be diluted" idea started. One has to remember that when tobacco snuff originally became a thing, London was an extremely stinky place.
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