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Wos Selection

LiamLiam Member
edited December 2017 in General
Following the legislation changes a lot of produces have narrowed down their snuff selection as they have to pay taxes for each product.
Strangely enough I find Wos to be the worst hit, their business decision on what flavors to keep seems bizarre to say the least.
For example:

Mentholated Selection is composed of 14 offerings of which 6 different variants of "Cool".
While I understand "Red" and "Be" as one is menthol+honey and one is cherry menthol I am a bit astonished that given, the unfortunate requirement to cut down ranges they decided to keep so much fragmentation on what is  essentially a variation of the same snuff. 
Probably sale figures led this decision...yet I think it would of been safe to assume that by decreasing fragmentation they would of concentrated sales on a single product.

Normally I wouldn't be bothered by this, but things get a little frustrating when you go in the "Fruit, Spice & flower" selection, to find that the offering is for 7 snuffs of which one is... Spearmint (-.-') one is mentholated Raspberry and...last but not least one is Mentholated Aniseed.
You probably see where this is going: 4 non mentholated snuffs to chose from(hey that as many variants as "cool" has...).

For all the menthol lovers out there: Dont get me wrong, I like menthol but to have it everywhere is just silly.
Am I the only one who likes non mentholated snuff and believes this could of been managed a little better? 
Seems like the only reason left to buy Wos these days is either for menthol snuff ( I would rather go for the SM lines or crumbs of comfort) or for grand cairo and the F&T range.

Thoughts? Is there something logical about this move that I am missing?


  • I would assume they just stuck with their best sellers. Why else would they keep those over the others.

    For me it is a particularly bad hit, as I can't use menthol. Thankfully they have kept four SPs, Best Dark, Grand Cairo, Jockey Club, Royal George, Dr Rumneys Brown, and the bulk of the F&T range. I also quite like Wall, Spear and Grove, and of course the plain Natural gives you the option of home scenting. I actually quite like mixing the more potent perfumed snuffs with an unscented snuff to tone them down a bit.

    I hope they bring back some of their other snuffs down the line, even if they are limited releases for one year only, to let users stock up on them without them being hit by fees for it year after year.
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