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Wilsons 5g assorted 12 pack

Has anyone tried the regular or menthol assorted selection ? What snuffs did you receive & did they come in a factory packed box or random loose tins ? Thanks for any info! I asked Mr. Snuff with no response.


  • I bought the 6 pack of fruity ones a while back and they came in a box like the picture shows. You will most likely get some discontinued snuffs in there.
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    Just a heads up - sale items dont add to the total amount spent to qualify for free shipping on MrSnuff
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator the little giftbox is still around..I remember my encounter with it years ago...for some reason I didnt like ANY WoS snuff till I tried WoS honey menthol...I guess wos has become an acquired taste to me.
    In my box I got cinnamon, chocolate orange, crumbs of comfort, extra crumbs of comfort...that flowery one and one I cant remember..its great fun! Get a box and see if you get lucky with your favs.

  • "menthol assorted selection" sounds quite up my alley. maybe i should buy one too. :-)
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    The only downside is you might really like some of the random snuffs... and then find out you can no longer purchase them. I got a 5g of Summer Berries, fell in love with it, and proceeded to purchase the last 2 10g tins ever off Mr Snuff and sadly that is all Im ever going to get.
  • I hope I do get some discontinued snuff. It would be a novelty knowing its a rarity. Sometimes when I try something I wouldn
  • Usually choose for my self it becomes a fovorite, such as a great coffee or beer back in my drinking days.
  • @afterglow Are you in the UK? if so I've got 25g of Summer Berries you can have. It's not for me. PM me you address if so.
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    Im in the USA actually. Thanks, though.
  • The mchrystals assorted packs are a good sampler
  • I received two regular assorted boxes and one menthol assorted box. The menthol assorted box had a non tobacco tin. The standard boxes each had 8 or 9 menthol tins. One tin labeled Irish 22 had a menthol snuff inside others had offset print on the label. It seems the boxes are clearance tins.
  • @colubrid Where did you order from ? Directly from WoS ? I find that WoS snuffs when stored togetehr tend to get their smells blended. 
  • I ordered all three boxes from Mr Snuff. It tasted heavily of menthol. Not light menthol such as Silver Dolar. WoS Irish No.22 is my favorite Snuff and it was definetly not Irish 22.
  • I found the missing Irish 22. It was in a tin labeled Ani Extra. 12 tins are 12 opportunities to interest a customer in Wilsons snuff. By sending mislabeled tins they risk customers believing they do not like a type of snuff they have never tried or the customer may order more based on the label only to be disappointed and annoyed that they paid for a completely different snuff. This is a bad choice by Wilsons. They should discard the mislabeled tins or sell them at a discount as mislabeled or remove the labels and sell as pot luck tins.
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