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Storing factory sealed tins, tubs, bags Etc.

colubridcolubrid Member
edited December 2017 in General
Mr Snuff claims that artisan snuffs such as Sir Walter Scott can be stored in unopened tins indefinitely. Is this true for other snuffs. If not, can I store the factory sealed tins in airtight food grade containers, vacuum seal them in plastic or add extra protection by adding electrical tape around the seal ? Does it make a difference if the tins have vac lids or screw tops ?
I was able to quit smoking with snuff and I


  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    My posts keep getting cut short for some reason. Can scotches & dry toasts Be kept in a cool dry space indefinitely ?
  • @colubrid       Certain characters and symbols chop the text off abruptly on this site.  Best to keep the text plain and simple if possible.

    There was quite a lot of talk and ideas on long term storing of snuff here  about a year ago when lots of snuffs were to be discontinued.  Panic buying of favourite snuffs and thoughts of long term storage of our investments was a big topic at the time.    I think most people agreed that the safest solution was to use Mason Jars, Kilner Jars,  preserving jars in general.  Leaving snuffs in the original tins is not a good idea.

    I personally have had rusty tins of Tranters,   Wilsons, and recently my first ever case of a Samuel Gawith starting to rust.  It is a cherished tin of the no longer made London Brown.  In my experience the dry snuffs last a fair time before the tins rust.  It is the very moist snuffs that have to be watched carefully.

    So my small collection takes up twice the space it should do.  Snuff in glass bottles and jars, with taped stoppers and lids, and all the empty tins that I keep for nostalgia.

    If you buy cheap storage jars, test the seals before using them for snuff.  I put some water in, shake them about, see if they leak.  The wire fittings need a bit of tweaking on some to get them water tight, and hopefully  airtight.

    A good warm up in the over prior to use, drives off any damp before putting your prized snuff into them.

    Don't put jars with wire fixings in a microwave to dry out, metal and microwaves do not mix.

    Store the jars in a dark place to inhibit the growth of molds etc..

    Sealed glass is the way to go.


  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    No, Sir Walter Scott snuffs will not store indefinitely in their original containers. This is simply misinformation on the part of Mr. Snuff. The containers are cheap, poorly sealing plastic or equally cheap poorly sealing metal. They are not vacuum containers and they do not form an airtight seal. I have ordered five or six SWS snuffs from Mr. Snuff within the last few months and more than half were already significantly diminished by the time I received them. My sense is that they were old stock, although Mr. Snuff indicated that SWS must have improperly sealed a container of FoJ (which they refunded) that had completely dried out, molded, and clumped together. Well, the containers do not seal anyway. They are flimsy plastic or quite non airtight metal. The next FoJ I received was also dried out, clumped like a brick, and flavorless. The Rosein I ordered also arrived bone dry and flavorless. I do not know why Mr. Snuff claims that they will persist in the unopened containers.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    Very helpful information. How about baby food jars that have been sanitized. I was also wondering about factory sealed bulk bags like those offered by toque and bulk plastic tubs offered by WoS. Can the unopened containers be placed directly in a sanatized airtight container or left as is in their packaging.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    I would like to keep a large supply around.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    I depend on snuff to keep from smoking.
  • I think that many members would recommend nothing more than a screw top glass container. The bag takes up space and may have a plastic smell and isn
  • not necessary for preservation.
  • I've probably got 8 or 9 kilos of snuff (haven't checked for a while), and only use about 2g per day. Most of mine is stored in bail top jars, and screw top jars, but I do have quite a lot of snuff that's just in tins too (well over 1kg). Anything that I think wouldn't keep in tins has been transferred to glass. I have lost some to mould in the past, and to tins going rusty, but so far it's only been a very small percentage of the overall stash.
  • What size jar is good for 25g of snuff ? I may order them in bulk.
  • 25g? Definitely into 4oz jar but you might be able to cram it into a 2oz. I have 100g of shmaltzler stored in 8oz jars no problem. On the other hand 100g of Toque Rustica barely fit in an 8oz because 100g of bone dry tobacco is simply more volume than 100g of moist.
  • As a counter point. I'm always the guy with the counter point. In my 30 years of snuffing, I have never once decanted, jarred or otherwise messed with a single box of snuff. I don't tend to buy "boutique' snuffs but standard issues, I see no problems. Heck, I have open containers that have been open probably close to 10 years. These are obviously not my favorites, but to me, nothing's really diminished. Does my super duper Sommolieresque nose not pick up nuances as well as many of you discerning snuffers? Probably. But I always like to provide the other side of the story.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Zanaspus Im the same, never decanted snuff, I got some very old WoS tins lying around that I pinch from every once in a while, and its as good as it was when it was new.

  • Decanting is perfect for big amounts or for snuff you intend to keep for a long time. I keep most everyday snuff in its original container inside a closed biscuit tin and store in a dark and cool cupboard, I seal the tins with isolating tape also and make sure its replaced once it no longer sticks well (the white one used by plumbers, the electrical one is also fine). 

    In the event snuff dries out simply re-hydrate it over night with pharmaceutical grade purified water.
    I just add some drops in the corner, do not mix it, allow the snuff to absorb it, takes about 24hours. 
    Be careful not to add to much, its better to repeat the process than exaggerate and have your snuff become mud).
  • Just curious, why would you go to the trouble of procuring distilled water when the indirect method is easier and also ensures no impurity?
  • I use indirect rehydration too. Never caused me any problems
  • @zanaspus the only indirect method I am aware of is through humidity in the air, so I would have to place water near snuff without direct contact and then wait. I still think you would have to use purified water to avoid risk of mold. They sell it in any pharmacy, so its not really hard to get, and it last ages, once you have it there isn't  much fiddling about at all. I just use the cap to dose it then put it in the tin and forget about it until the next day^^
  • @Liam To rehydrate indirectly, get a tupperware container and place your open snuff box to one side. Place a wet (squeezed out) paper toel at the other side, and then put the lid on. Do this at night, and by the morning your snuff will be refreshed. If it needs more, repeat the following night with a fresh wet paper towel.
  • Thanks for the advice. Can factory sealed dry scotch snuff be stored in the retail container indefinitely. How about unopened bulk plastic bags and tubs of various snuffs.
  • I am not a big user of dry snuffs, but do have a few.   They have been in the original tins for about two years, and so far so good.
    I would also like to hear how others look after the dry snuffs.

  • I store all of my American dry Scotch snuff in Ball brand canning jars in the original plastic tubs and keep in a dark cabinet.
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