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Anyone ever snus Taxi Red? It is actually kind of good!

It is not the most flavorful snus compared to other loose snus, but it works well enough. I had to cheat with my old Ice Tool, though. It is too coarse to bake by hand for me at least.


  • I'm too in love with jamming course South African snuffs up my nostrils to ever try that. :)

  • I just got some Taxi Red yesterday and really enjoy it as a snuff ... similar to Viking Thor's Hammer.  

    I've never used tobacco orally but I received some Makla Africaine in the same box and am contemplating trying it out.  If it's not for me, I'll dry it enough to snuff it.  
  • I just opened my first tin. Lovely,earthy,tobacco scent,with bucket loads of nicotine.It's a winner for me.
  • I remember getting some Taxi red and it was really hard to keep in the nose. Big nicotine bomb, though, and a good earthy scent. 
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