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Toque Ambrosia

Hi all

This looks really interesting. Considering adding some to my next order. Thoughts on this product?


  • Coarse, moist, dark. Flavors of chocolate, vanilla, bubble gum, wet cardboard. Phenomenal. Absolutely add it to your next order.

  • @psicko gave me a healthy portion of this and I really enjoy it ... sweet but not over the top.  

    It's got a little honey, liquor and floral aspect which fade to a nice chocolate / tobacco scent.

  • Love it. One of my every day snuffs.
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    @Konrad_von_Marburg, I have a good number of tins of Toque Ambrosia and love the stuff.

    I have long been a fan of Spanish Gem and I honestly cannot decide whether I like that or Ambrosia the best.

    They are both excellent snuffs with plenty of flavor and nuance, and a good nic hit as well.

  • Just found out about this at the last minute before I finally placed my order after many consecutive nights of obsessing and procrastinating.  I tried snuffing briefly five years ago and am stoked to discover what this line has to offer!  I'll be watching the post box with wide nostrils!
  • Order's arrived.  Heartily second @fredh on this.  Spanish Gem and Ambrosia are penomenal snuffs neither of which I'd wish to be without.  For me the Gem is much more elusive to pin down
  • I do not know if I like Spanish Gem or Ambrosia better, I definitely like the grind of Ambrosia and the way the scent plays with the base.
  • TobaccomanTobaccoman Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    I have both and I have to go with the ambrosia, the Spanish gem is too fine for me. Then again maybe none of my snuffs have any moisture anymore
  • @Tobaccoman you are probably right about the moisture :D funny thing is, I found that the lost tin of Ambrosia I found was easier to take than fresh with just the mineral oil for moisture. Same with Toque USA Citrus. Spanish Gem and the rest of the non-USA Toques aren't oiled so they do get very dry if you aren't taking care of them (I keep the tins in Tupperware) but can easily be indirectly rehydrated overnight.
  • @ar47 some of them I actually don't mind dry. Peach raspberry and ambrosia are those. They are takable dry. But the others are so fine I should try a rehydrate and that's most likely the issue. I want to try with either original or quit. Just the Ole paper towel in a Tupperware trick?
  • @ar47 got the original toque in a tupper with the wet paper towel. Let's see if I am able to take this later.
  • GlasgowSnuffGlasgowSnuff Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Ambrosia for me every time. Gem is a great snuff but ambrosia is probably my all time favourite. It changes sometimes due to the novelty of new flavours etc but it is my desert island snuff.
  • Update, this stuff makes my nose run like a faucet. The scent and grind are on point though. Spanish Gem doesn
  • @Tobaccoman how did it work out? If paper towel isn't enough you can always use Perlite but it can easily become overkill
  • @ar47 eh I did it and tried it, it just puffed down the Ole gullet again, and I haven't touched it since. I might grease this one up
  • TobaccomanTobaccoman Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @ar47 I think it might just be the grind and the flavour, just untakable for me, I even added some parafin oil
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