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MrSnuff restock??

Dear Mr. Snuff,

Just curious if you recently restocked some snuff products? When I placed my order on December 9-10 you were out of quite a bit. Now it looks like some stuff is back. I can now order Santo Domingo 20g, woohoo!! And St. James Parish is back, too! Thank GOD!

I didn't see these (and some others 2 weeks ago) so just curious if you just restocked product or if the website was wonky??


  • Just noticed today thatn Mr. Snuff is completely out of Bernard's Schmaltzler snuff. Wondering what's going on W
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Konrad_Von_Marburg Aww, its back..and I thought FT had left our planet :(. Maybe it will disappear this year instead then :).

  • Yeah but SJP isn't back. :(((((((((((((((9
  • Come on MR SNUFF get some St James Parish in!! Anyone know if this is available elsewhere?
  • @volunge thanks!!

    I am in Canada I hope they will ship to me. It looks like they refuse to ship to the USA, I wonder why?

  • @Konrad_von_Marburg Hi there, This is Amanda from Mr. Snuff. I would like to inform you that we do ship to the USA as well as we ship to Canada.

    We ship globally, so you can go ahead and place your order without any worries and enjoy the wide variety of snuff we have just for you!

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Amanda, MrSnuff doesn't ship to Lithuania, though other Baltic countries (Latvia and Estonia) are listed. How would you comment on this weird exclusion?
  • @volunge Hi there, thanks for your inquiry.

    The reason you see that there are some specific countries we do not ship orders to is that we were having a lot of scams going on and people were placing orders using someone else's credit card, hence it was Mr. Snuff's management's decision not to deal with countries like Lithuania or any other similar countries.

    I hope this helps!

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Amanda Well, there's much better way to solve this problem without loosing honest Lithuanian clientele. You really don't need to exclude the whole country, just remove credit/debit card and providing details over the phone payment methods, leaving single EBT (European Bank Transfer) payment option.

    EBT is by far the safest payment method and it does act as the most reliable anti-scam filter.

  • @volunge Hi, thanks for the head up! We have done exactly that. We do not process orders with any credit/debit card payment and instead, we ask for their scan copies of it, if they have it they should be able to scan it and email the same to us. However, we also prefer payment over the phone or EBTs as you said, they are by far the safest payment method one can follow.

    Scams were coming in so heavily that we had to exclude the entire country out but of course this is not final, we can always include these with the above-mentioned filters applied.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion though!

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Amanda if I may ask for someone on Reddit. What's the final word on orders from Lithuania and is there any other customs fee or taxes added? Thank you.
  • @amanda Is Gotard White Coffeine/Caffeine ever coming back? It doesn't even show up as out of stock anymore, it's just gone.

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