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MrSnuff Old Paris discrepancy

edited December 2017 in General says they are out of Old Paris but when you click it it offers you a 260g tin for 45 bucks. However, if you buy 450g you can get that for ONLY 42.

Clearly something is wrong here. Or am I crazy? It looks like it is the same thing for Santo Domingo. What le heck?


  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    Just a guess but the 450g tins may be old stock. Fair warning, if you open a tin and find it to be old and dried out, then Mr. Snuff may deny a refund on grounds that you opened the tin. As Mr. Snuff responded when I emailed regarding a bulk tub of McCrystals that was dried out and flavorless ....I am sorry to inform that once a container is opened we cannot do anything for that... I am now reluctant to purchase anything that I have any reason to believe may be old stock.
  • The F&T and wilson's tubs are ground to order. it adds like a month to the shipping process because they have to get it made at the mill, shipped to them, and then shipped out to customer.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    @aguineapig Yet Mr. Snuff lists the numbers of bulk tubs that they have in stock, presently they have 90 of the 450g tubs of Old Paris and 98 of the 250g tubs. Perhaps only the 1kg bulk orders are made to order?
  • I have a feeling Mr. Snuff probably assigns a random number like 99 to special order products. He probably must assign a number for his system, even if there's an infinite amount of stock available from the manufacturer. Just a guess! 
  • miamimark is probably correct. also, try adding one to your cart and you will receive a notice that it's a bulk item and takes additional time due to having to put the order in at the mill. I ordered two tubs and it took 1 month for them to ship.
  • @aguineapig Interesting! Well, then the pricing discrepancy between the 260g and 450g tubs is indeed a mystery.
  • not one i am going to complain about. fabulous price for 450g of great snuff.
  • REAL Old Paris
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