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What is 6 Photo scented with?

I have some 6 Photo here (the regular 6 Photo) and it has a nice flowery smell to it. However, I can't quite place the scents. Anyone know what is in this and what kind of tobacco they use?


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  • Do 6 Photo make a snuff named 'Regular' ???
  • i might be totally off here but i think a lot of them have the same flowery menthol base.
    i got the sample pack so i was trying a lot of them at a time. i put them away after a while to try separately in the future and left out motia to explore further. again, i might be way off but i smell bubble gum?
    the No. 6's are kind of supposed to be similar but i dont think so. they all have a big difference between them IMO. (more than the amount of menthol in it.) i love all 3 in different ways. No. 66 is my favorite
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