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Taxi Red gave me a throbbing headache

I tried Taxi Red for the first time last night. I used a very small pinch in each nostril followed by an immediate throbbing headache. It


  • I have a very high tolerance to nicotine.
  • Taxi red is a nicotine bomb. I used it when I was still smoking and it even blew my head off. Use with caution. There might be an additive in it other than nicotine that gave you a headache. I am wary of products from Africa re quality control, etc.
  • I used 22mg nicotine Swedish snus with an incredible nicotine buzz but no headache like this. Next day and I still have a headache from the Taxi Red. An additive is what I was thinking.
  • Yeah I think it is an additive too. Was the snus Oden's? I have some Oden's Extra Stark which is 18mg and pretty good nic hit. 22mg wow, how was that?
  • Odens vanilla extreme portion. My first time trying Swedish snus. I knew it was going to be stronger then American snus but much stronger then I expected. Almost knocked me over. I liked it though and no headache like the one I still have from the Taxi Red I used last night.
  • Ok. Glad I stuck with the 18mg. Thanks for the head's up!
  • bobbob Member
    probably not the nic then. Some snuffs mess with my head and give me a headache and it seems to come down to the scent in those cases. The grind could also cause that effect. I have found that coarser snuffs both my sinuses much if I snuff them too far. 

  • Sorry to hear that ... Taxi Red treats me quite well.  

  • I think there is one of the Taxis that is a little less strong. Taxi Blue I think. The Taxi Green is mentholated I think? Could be wrong about the menthol.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    It sounds like I need some taxi..

  • @Rogue maybe try some of the Blue. It's still strong as heck, and I'm a smoker. From what I recall it is earthy in scent, like a barn, and wet as hell. You have to shovel it up your nose but even then if you aren't careful you get nasal diarrhea.

    Let me know what you think if you get a tin or two.
  • I smoked 2 - 3 packs a a day for 28 years. Not proud of that. I started using snuff a few months ago to quit smoking. It worked. My favorite snuffs are toasts and scotches and I use a lot of it. I occasionally use Nicotrol NS in the mornings still. I used very little of the Taxi. I think Im allergic to one of the ingredients. To be on the safe side I wont be using any of the super strong snuffs. I have Taxi Green here unopened. I have White Elephant on the way. I wont be opening it. I will be putting all of these and some I just didn
  • Dont like the taste of up for sale or trade soon.
  • bobbob Member
    I don't like taxi much. I for one have never gotten any more sense of strength with it. I have gotten that you can put a pinch up your nose that normally would half fall out with any drier snuff. IF you want to try taxi just buy a can of cope and snuff that, it's about the same experience.

  • @bob I found cope much stronger in the nose (Copenhagen Snuff) than Taxi Blue, but experience is quite comparable. Taxi Blue is a tad drier, thus easier to insufflate, despite being coarser. It is softer (less stems) and brighter, too. And yes, it is possible to snort fine cut moist American dip and even Swedish snus. Years ago I had been literally pushing in small prilas of Ettan and Roda Lacket. At first I really enjoyed it in the nose more, than under the lip. Only please bear in mind, it's an extreme way to take it - one can easily choke on nasaly taken oral tobacco, and the backdrip is a killer. Dip and snus are designed for oral use, though.
    I had snorted one can of Redwood snuff that way. A friend of mine brought it back from USA. Well, I asked him to fetch some snuff for me. You get the point :)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2 PM
    I had experienced instant massive headache twice with fine grind dry homemade snuff (additive free) and some Poschl (don't remember which one). Both times I snorted way too hard. On the first occassion I sniffed from my anatomic snuff box, on the second I used line method. The feeling was near to death. Worst pain ever. Unforgettable.
  • bobbob Member
    one of the snuff ironies is it's easier for me to handle fine snuffs but coarse ones I tend to snuff too far in.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited January 4 PM
    I agree. I have an easier time with finer snuffs.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    It's possible that it was the high amount of ammonia being put off by the Taxi, and not the nicotine or any additives. I love Taxi Red, especially in the morning, but the ammonia can definitely be a bit much for some people. @Rogue if you want to try some, shoot me a message. I buy it by the roll, so I have plenty on hand to send you some.
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