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Mr.Snuff idea

GeraldGerald Member
edited January 2018 in General
@MrSnuff So l really like these "of the month" clubs and am a member of a wine club and a cigar club and would love to see this done with snuff. The way they general work is you pick what style (for snuff it'd be natural, toast, sp's, and so on) you like in order from best to least and what level of membership you want (for example silver would be $15.99 a month and you get 7 tins, gold would be $24.99 a month and you get 12 tins) and then you sign up and either pay in full for a set amount of time or just pay month to month and every month you get a nice mixed assortment to sample from and try. I really wish mrsnuff would do this or snuffstore would because I've tried so many different wines and cigars i would have never ordered and fell in love with them. I know theres 100's of snuffs out there i would probably love but never really ordered.


  • edited January 2018 PM
    What a good idea! And you could have direct CC billing too, so each month you just have to await your shipment. I am surprised this isn't already put in place.

    I suspect that some kinds of snuff are often available in limited or uncertain quantities.

    Great idea, though.

  • GeraldGerald Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    Theres literally monthly clubs out there for everything we need one for snuff lol. Theres an eliquid one called zample box i used to get a few years ago when i quit smoking that was pretty good and I'm pretty sure theres pipe tobacco clubs too. I've been a long time lurker on here and figured I'd make an account so i can stress this idea onto people.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Why havent we met before? Im Rogue, lets be friends and brainstorm together some day

  • @Gerald Try contacting the other snuff stores, like . This could also be done as a comunity effort, where we can send each other snuffs to try on a monthly basis. I wanted to make a site like that but haven't had the time.  
  • Great idea!!
  • I would give it a try
  • "Postage stamp snuff sample" Idea I still stand by!
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