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Ganga Snuff by Dholakia

AlexAlex Member
edited January 2007 in Types of Snuff
After opening the box, I understand why the producer claims at his website: It is highly perfumed snuff of tobacco. Indeed it is. It smells like standing in a spa. The tobacco is light brown in its colour and very fine again. After inhaling it, it immediately has some kind of refreshing effect. Not very snuffish, but refreshing. The use of rose essence is easy to notice. It has a strong rose scent which slows down after some second. It dominates the tobacco scent which I could not sense. I guess the rose essence is added as an oil, as the snuff is not as dry as the Chakali and comes out of the box in small, fluffy chunks. It also does not hit my throat which is quite relaxing. Its nicotine content seems to be medium to me.

I have never had such a snuff before. The scent is somehow interesting and not pure rose. One more thing. I did not know what to say about the face of a child at a snuff label.

EDIT: I just got en e-mail from Namrata Parag Dholakia (Director) who informed me, that 'the face on ganga snuff is' her 'own daughter wearing traditional himachali dress'.


  • thanks MO for apprecating and liking GANGA,it is the most popular brand in VARANSHI(U.P) one state in india people use it for teething purpose.their day starts with ganga by using as tooth powder.
  • alvin you are right,snuff works as medecine ,in our indian ayurvedas(ancient science for health)tobacco snuff is recomanded as medecine for oral problems. people in our country use snuff as first aid ,if any bleeding of blood takes place by hurting one self. to stop bleeding .basically it has anticeptic effects.our ancient health science is very intresting .
  • Excellent traditional type of scented snuff; Rose, musk, & clove are the dominant aromas with a possible hint of cinnamon. I like the fine grind myself. This is far and away the best Indian scented snuff that I've tried to date. The others that I've sampled all had the same "generic" patchouly perfume as zarda chewing tobacco. I also give the Sparrow Blue brand very high marks in the medicated snuff category. Beats the English menthols all hollow, & I'll even have to say that it has the edge on Poschl's as well.
  • well friends,one good news for dholakia snuff lovers,by mid of april our all snuff will be available in german and poland market
    if you all really liked my snuff than i am sure you will definately buy it.
  • I agree with you, Ganga is the Goddess of the river Ganges. I think Ganga is one of the oldest goddess of the Vedic Indo-Aryans former inhabitants of India.

  • Oh, Antony I have the same feeling, I don't know almost nothing about Indian are not alone

  • Just got my samples in the mail yesterday (Thank you Namrata!!!) and wanted to chime in. Normally I am not into the heavily perfumed or floral scented snuffs, I was a bit timid when I first opened the package and the smell was hugely strong. I still gave it a chance with an open mind and am I ever glad I did! There is something strangely addictive to this snuff, refreshing and relaxing. After the initial snoot, I sat back not quite sure what to make of it. Giving it a second go, I realized that I actually really enjoyed taking this snuff. I personally enjoy the fine grind of this snuff, it sits very well in the nose and lasts a good while. This will defintiely go into my all day rotation and I look forward to the day Ganga (and all Dholakia snuffs) are available to purchase through US distributers. I will be putting in an order for more with my next purchase from overseas for sure! Once again thank you Namrata and keep up the great work! I look forward to trying the rest of the samples over the weekend.

  • Have you guys tried loading this into a snuff bullet? I find that with the finer grinds it helps me to control the sniff intake better and keeps it from going down my throat.
  • You're right, it works really well in a Dholakia bullet, as you say the release is more controlled, and this is one hell of a potent snuff because of the grind - not in nicotine but just the effect of snuffing something so fine.
  • Yeah snuffster, I found the bullet really made a difference for me. I'm gobbling up Toque Toffee like its candy now. Before it choked me and actually went into my lungs giving me coughing fits. I take my coarser menthols in heaping piles from the back of the hand tho, still too new to be a die hard pincher yet.

    I'm excited to hear such good things about this Ganga. It was next on my list to try as soon as I make a dent in this mountain of other snuffs I've accumulated to experiment with. In fact, my next order was gonna be one each of the whole Dholakia lineup. I'm kind of OCD and like to sample just about everything from one maker before moving on to try a new one. I don't think I'll live long enough to get through all the Wilson's flavors tho. Going to have to start a snuff journal to keep track I suppose.

    There's an Indian chap here in town that's opened a new tobbacco store and I've been pressing him to start stocking nasal snuff. Maybe he'll be more receptive to an Indian made brand. I live in Texas so most people here still consider snuff to be something from a can you shove in your mouth. You should see the strange looks I get when I take a sniff in public around here. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm using cocaine. There's quite a bit of WE Garret to be had in some of the small stores here but it just rots on the shelves since no one seems to know what the heck its for. Silly rednecks.
  • Ganga is good snuff, all of the Dholakia ones are and there is something indefineable about them for me - there always seems to be a background 'signature' flavour thats common to the whole range. Maybe its the flavour of India.

    In London the small stores, usually asian run, often stock small tins of J and H Wilsons snuffs and I guess most of the customers that see it haven't the faintest idea what it is. I've not seen Dholakia yet, which is starnge as these shopkeepers are often from India and I believe snuffing is quite big amongst certain older sections of their community. Maybe Namrata will see to that in due course.

    I presume you get most of your snuffs online - which ones have you tried?
  • Although Ganga is not my favorite floral snuff, it is still quite good. Its got more of a perfume scent than just floral. I need to get a snuffbox to really enjoy it though, as the plastic baggie I have it in isn't very good for snuffing on the go.

    @Spyro - a snuff journal sounds like a pretty good idea. I too have quite a collection (it's pushing 70 tins now) and a journal would help keep track of my favorites. It would also be good for tracking how my taste changes over time. There are some snuffs I don't really like, and a few months or even weeks later I try it again and I like it then.
  • I think the background scent is sandalwood honestly
  • I have in my nose right now some DHOLAKIA Kamal...lovely. I ALWAYS carry with me Ganga, Kamal and Manjul.....they are the "aroma" beauties for me. At home, I often snuff Sparrow Green and Cool, they are the STRONG stuff for me. And then, of course, there is Swiss Chocolate.......Best in the West!!! I LOVE SNUFF
  • Quoting snuffster "In London the small stores, usually asian run, often stock small tins of J and H Wilsons snuffs and I guess most of the customers that see it haven't the faintest idea what it is. I've not seen Dholakia yet, which is starnge as these shopkeepers are often from India and I believe snuffing is quite big amongst certain older sections of their community. Maybe Namrata will see to that in due course."

    I think Jamie,, he's a member here but can't remember his handle, I think he's the UK Importer of Dholakia snuff. The shopkeeper you mention (and they are not just in London) will not have heard of snuffme. If your reading Jamie spread the word, your next motor could be a 'Rollo'!
  • snuffster,
    Yes, I get my snuffs online. I can purchase Garret here locally but I have a huge stash of it already. To date I've tried the following:

    WE Garret Sweet Scotch
    Club Packard
    Ozona Orange, Raspberry, Cherry, Spearmint
    Dean Swift Bezoar and Apricot
    Chief Bull
    Gawith Cola
    Gawith Apricot
    Wilson's Cherry Menthol and Menthol Plus
    Toque Toffee (have 9 other flavors but haven't gotten to them yet)

    I have some Schmalzlers in the mail and hope to get those in soon. As you can see I'm rather new to the snuff scene but I'm already a big fan. I like all of the ones I've tried so far with the exception of the Chief Bull. If I had to pick a favorite from the list at the moment it would be the WoS Menthol Plus. I'm on a menthol kick right now and that stuff is just so hard to put down. I've done a tad of mixing but for now I want to experience the pure products and get a feel for them before I get too complicated.
  • Snuff Head, his handle is jayjay.
  • @ Troutstroker, it's my age lol. Thanks for that.
  • Spyro, nice collection. I will be interested to hear what you make of the Toque snuffs, which are great English snuffs, especially the Toque original which is an SP, as well as the toasts.
  • Yay, finally put in my order for some Dholakias. Ordered the Ganja Rose, Kamal, and Manjul. Unfortunately it Snuff Store seems to be out of the Sparrow blends for now.
  • edited December 2008 PM
    You are going to enjoy those snuffs. If you've not had them before, just be careful with the Manjul, it can hit you pretty hard first time round. That's a snuff you must get used to but once your nose accepts it, you will use it every day
  • Ok, got in my order with some of the Dholakia snuffs. Have been using the Medicated for a few days now and finally tried the Ganga last night. Still holding off on the Manjul and Kamal so I can experience them on a fresh start.

    I already posted about the Medicated but I'll make a quick after note here anyway. The batch I have is very moist, somewhat coarse grind and easy to take. From what I'm reading the blend has been tweaked a bit from the finer, powdery version. The first impression is that its merely a mildly mentholated snuff easy to take and suited for beginners. However, don't be fooled by this. Because its moist and easy on the nose it is tempting to take larger than normal doses. When taken this way the true character of this snuff reveals itself. It does a superb job of draining to the throat and carries sufficient menthol to clear the nose in a gentle and moist way. It also packs a good nicotine punch. If you take a couple of big shots of this stuff off the back of the hand don't be surprised to find the room spinning. Also, I detect a slight cola taste as well.

    Now, onto the Ganga Rose. I really liked this one. It has a very floral aroma of fresh roses at first then just sort of hangs there like a room full of incense. The scent lingers longer than anything I've yet experienced. I tried some at night just before going to bed and was surprised to awaken a few hours later to find the smell still very much alive in my nose. I took mine from a bullet and applied one shot to each nostril. Tho it is dry and fine I did not experience any choking or throat bite. Another feature I liked was how just a little went such a long way. Normally I double dose most snuffs with my bullet but find that one dose per nostril from the Ganga was plenty to get the full flavor and effect. For me this is more than just a snuff, its a mood enhancing scent experience. I love it so far.
  • I would really like to know what you think of the Manjul. Just be careful with the first sniff, this snuff is very potent!! But, oh so nice, NICE!!!
  • I'm patiently waiting and savoring the experience of the Ganga before I dig into the other blends. If the Ganga is any indicator then I'll be grabbing some large tins as well. This is some really nice stuff that I'd like to always have on hand.
  • Ganga was the most fragrant and longest lasting snuff I had ever tried until I tried Kamal a little bit later. I like em both but Kamal has turned out to be a daily, great snuff. Manjul is the easiest to use of the trio but still highly fragrant and potent, just a little more familiar, to me at least.
  • Snuffdog, for me it's the other way round. Manjul first, then Kamal and then Ganga. Wonderful stuff and with a history of 150 years.
  • For me Kamal last the longest! I sniff some before bed and i can still smell it in the morning.
    I have an ex that used to complain about how I smelled after I sniffed rooster. I saw her at a bar the other night so I did two shots of rooster then two shots of kamal. She commented on how good i smelled! If only it smelled like Polo instead of flowers...
  • I use this stuff in a bullet, too. I never get tired of it's sweet bathhouse aroma.
  • Thanks for helping me figure out what one of my little sample packets (thanks again 3 years later Dholakia!). Manjul... well, I'll try it as soon as my bullets arrive.

    I love the Ganga. As said by other posters, it has a wonderful floral start but a woodsy, incense-like finish. Oddly, I taste no tobacco...and that's just fine. I wish I could find a U.S. dealer of the full Dholakia line, as well as Sun and 5 photos.
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