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Is distilled water a waste of time when rehydrating tobacco?

I've never used distilled water and have never had any mold growth or anything like that. I was thinking about this recently because most people use an indirect method to rehydrate snuff, pipe tobacco, and cigars and with that method you basically put something that's wet or a bowl of water next to the tobacco in a sealed container and let the water evaporate and condense to increase the humidy in the air to rehydrate your tobacco. Correct me if im wrong but isn't that the exact same process as distilling? For me it seems kind of pointless to use distilled water unless you're directly spraying your tobacco with water since the indirect method would basically separate the water from any impurities during the evaporation process.


  • I certainly consider it a waste of time. I just use fresh tap water (or veg/fruit/herbs) for indirect rehydration. The veg matter will lend additionl scents, depending on what you are using.
  • I would only add that you should allow the tap water to sit in open container for several hours to allow the chlorine (used at least in the States) to dissipate. This will reduce the potential for chlorine flavors which do not appeal to me.
  • I find boiling the tap water first will will be fine also
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