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My cig-battle progress.



  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @bolbam420 nice! You're doing good! I fell back into old habits, but will try to quit...again...

  • Guys it's just psychological with the cigarettes. With snuff around, cigarettes are not really needed. (speaking from experience here)
  • With snuff around, e-cigs are not needed (started quitting back around March). I had a couple weeks of relapse a few months back but I don't even own any anymore after 8 years of clinging to them. And on top of nicotine I also enjoy the experience, aromas and history of snuff.
  • @rogue I am a man of routine. So to make any changes, I have to adapt a new one. I think that's what helped me most. When I did smoke (5 days back!) I always had a cig after a meal or tea only. Now I've changed that to having a couple of sniffs immediately after having anything. Or having a sniff while having tea. The urge to smoke is noticeably quite less now. And when I do feel like it, I take a big pinch, lurk on snuffhouse, keep myself distracted. Cigs havent taken their toll on my health yet (touch wood) but they're getting quite expensive here in India too. I'd rather use that money on snuffs - there are so many of them to try. It will take some time to just check out all the Indian ones. And then there's a big world outside India for snuffs too. I'd like to try pipe smoking some day too. None of this is happening if I keep having cigs. However sometimes I do wonder if me quitting cigs is because of the reasons mentioned above or maybe I'm just bored of my routine from the last 10 odd years. Maybe I am simply looking for something new. Whatever it is, not going back to cigs again!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @bolbam420 It may be you're getting tired of cigs...I am...back in the day, every cig was a pleasure to I dread the next one. Instead of being something I enjoy, it's now something I feel compelled to do, and I loathe the cigs. Pipes are better...I look forward to every pipe I light up.

  • @rogue Tired of cigs-yes. I have had to put out my stick of Marlboro Red midway many a times before I finally quit. Pipes and cigars are intriguing. However as a cig smoker I do wonder what is the point of it all if you wont inhale.
  • I believe everyone has a different genetic make-up and I am NOT assigning any "labels" to anyone but myself. I think what some people refer to as a 'habit" or "routine", in my case, in just plain old addiction! I have an addictive personality and I always have. I can easily become addicted to almost anything if I allowed myself. I think accepting this fact helps me. Usually, instead of quitting something, I trade one addiction for a lesser one. 
    In my case, the most important thing about trading snuff for cigs was... NOT HAVING ANY CIGS AVAILABLE!
    If I have cigs around when I get a craving, I'll smoke one, if I don't, I wont. It really is that simple The first time I quit smoking for 7 years, as soon as my girlfriend (at that time) started smoking, I was doomed! I started by just bumming one of hers, then a couple... well, you know how that goes... 
    If you want to quit smoking with snuff, stay away from cigs and use snuff to calm the nic cravings... if I did it, anyone can. 
  • Oral tobacco(snus,dip,chew...)helps better to quit a habit that keeps your mouth busy...
    I hope this sound proper
  • @tobaccobob wish snus was available here in India. Guess will have to place an international order for that. Am waiting for my order from 6P to arrive, which includes their Fire & Ice makla (or dip idk). Hopefully its worth it.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 Fire and Ice is a decent makla! I hope you will enjoy it. I advice using 1.5 g of product for one prilla (hard pressed bean-shaped ball). It delivers just the same as regular strength snus, or even a bit stronger. Waiting forward to try 6P Begum Pathani, too.

    You can order snus to India from these online shops: (rolls of ten cans only) (here you can order single cans). Both ships free.

    With a very few exceptions, snus is unavailable in most countries, so ordering it online is the only way to procure it.

    You can use services, too. Shipping of one roll of snus is under EUR 10 there. You will find widest assortment of oral tobacco products there, Belgian maklas and American chew/dip including. Just don't forget to choose India as your country at the very top (right side). Northerner's assortment differs for different countries.
  • @volunge Finally got to try Fire & Ice. Though the flavour will need some getting used to, it does pack quite a nicotine punch! This is the only oral tobacco I have had, other than IPCO creamy snuff and Chaini Khaini. The later literally sets the gums on fire. I really couldnt hold in my mouth for more than a few minutes and I dont intend to give it another try. I do like IPCO, I like the flavour and I like the gentle nicotine nudge it delivers. Would be awesome if there was a makla with similar flavour. I think I am going to like Fire & Ice and I will definitely be getting Begum Pathani in my next order with Six Photo.

    Btw, today is day-11 of no cigs. I avoid hanging around with peeps during their cig breaks, not because I might be lured back but the smoke and smell is kinda off-putting. With such lovely aromas you  get from snuff, cig smoke feels like snorting from an ash tray!
  • @bolbam420 - effing nailed it. Keep going. Soon you will be cig free!!!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 Congrats! It won't be harder than this with all those delicious and strong snuffs you got.

    I didn't expect 6P F&I to be that sweet scented. I knew it's not plain, but still it was a very pleasant surprise. I was used to the raw, rustic taste of Belgian maklas (Ifrikia, Bouhlel, Africaine), all (except lightly mint-scented El Kantara) unscented. They reek of ammonia and cut the gums like a razor. I find 6P Fire & Ice tastier and more user-friendly product of superior quality.

    That IPCO sounds interesting. What is the true way to use it? I mean, do you spread some on the toothbrush and clean your teeth like with ordinary toothpaste, or just rub some cream to the gums with a finger? Is it safe to swallow, or one should spit it out after some minutes?

  • getting cig free with snus and snuff actually gets easier. Soon you'll find yourself acclimated and not wanting to reach for cigs. Or at least that's my experience. I wasn't even trying to quit cigs just trying to have something so I wouldn't have to go out side everyday time I wanted a smoke.
  • Thanks guys. I must admit that it's been much easier for me than most people trying to quit.

    @volunge I actually got IPCO from a pharmacy and was told to use my index finger instead of a toothbrush to gently massage my gums with it for a couple of mins and leave it on for a few mins more. Rinse after that. You are supposed to spit like you would for any regular toothpaste, no swallowing at all. If you have high nic tolerance, it is possible that you might not notice the gentle kick it delivers. Still worth trying.
  • CONGRATULATIONS on 13 days (I trust) since your last cigarette! Rock on, man!
  • @thatotherguy Thank you! I am one of those lucky few who thankfully didnt have to put in too much effort. Almost overnight my taste buds kind of changed. Cig smoke smells dirty now and snuff obviously is an absolute delight.

    @rogue How are you doing mate?!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @bolbam420 been cutting down heavily. Not really replacing the cigs...just havent wanted one as often if that makes any sense. Bringin some snuffboxes to work boss and coworkers already know what it is.

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