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boxcar vs pinch

so what is the pros and cons to each? does one way deliver more nicotine or give better scent etc ets


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    pinch gives more scent due to you heatin up the snuff between your fingers, releasing oils and whatnot.

  • 2nd for the pinch technique, easier to do while driving. 
  • Depends on the grind and moisture of the snuff as well as the package. All other things equal, the boxcar is much more convenient when using a tap box, and all other things equal, a very coarse and moist snuff (for example Gawith Black Rappee or Taxi Red) is better taken via boxcar in order to avoid pinching together clumps. Conversely, a dryer snuff is better pinched in order to control the release of the snuff into the nose, and snuffs in a tin are more easily pinched than taken via boxcar.
  • I nearly always pinch. I have more control of dosage and destination, can pre-warm the snuff my holding it a while, and get less snuff sticking to my fingers than with the thumbnail method. I only pour onto the thumbnail for the very last pinch from a snuffbox, when there,s simply not enough left to get hold of it.
  • Pinching. Simple, easiest and best.
  • This, like anything else, depends on the snuff and the nose doing the sniffing.  I usually prefer to use a spoon, and find pinching less appealing, but it depends on the snuff. 
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