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How much snuff do you use a day?

I quit smoking with vaping about 5 years ago and have been snuffing for a few years on and off not really for nicotine but just more out of pleasure and because i like collecting snuff, about 7am today i opened a brand new (actually 2 years old but unopened) 10g tin of toque USA whiskey and honey and have been hitting it pretty hard today, just whent to take a pinch at 11pm and noticed i have maybe at most 0.5 grams left. Kind of surprised because ive never used this much in 1 day. I still vape but am probably just going to switch to snuff only, anyways how much snuff do you guys go through in 1 day?


  • I have no idea the weight of what I use in a day. I use a small snuff spoon, and take 4 scoops about 8-10 times a day.
  • Up to 3g per day, but sometimes nothing. If I have a heavy day on the snuff (over 3g), I often have a hangover feeling the next day.
  • On an average day up to 3g, but if I receive a lovely fresh tin of something new it can easily be 5g.
  • 4-7 g per diem.
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