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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Whats your favorite indian snuff

Whats everybody's favorite indian snuffs? I personally like fubar fido spicy treat and NC arya madras the best.


  • Quite a few:
    Dholakia Madras Toast, Dholakia White, Dholakia Sparrow; FUBAR Toasted; 6 Photo Motia, 6 Photo Kailash, 6 Photo Natural.
  • MonkMonk Member
    6 Photo Natural.
    6 Photo Cheetah
    6 Photo Super Kailash
  • My favourites are Kailash and Anarkali. I don't use them often as they are messy to pinch (my preferred method of taking snuff). However, that hasn't stopped me stocking up with 200g of each :D
  • SvHSvH Member
    For me it's 6 Photo Cheeta, though it's still not easy to sniff for me, so fine, so dry...
    A lot of other 6 Photo snuffs I like a lot. Kailash, Anarkali and LA Natural for example.
    Another favorite Indian Snuff for me is 41 Photo Yellow Lilly Perfumed, which was my introduction to Indian snuffs.
  • cheeta and white elephant all the way
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