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J&H Wilsons using Silver Dollar style Tapboxes

This week I saw that a friend of mine had a Medicated No 99 in a tap-box like you would get with silver-dollar snuff. Has anyone else seen this ? When did the change happen ? Is this because of EU regulations ? Do they leak as bad as the SD tins ? I was about to order some but if they are coming in the tap-box I might have to pass. 


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 17 PM
    WoS changed their Top Mill's tins last year. I guess it's just a marketing step, as this kind of tin might seem more attractive to youngsters, but there could be other reasons as well.
    New type WoS tins look the same as Poschl Ozona or Arnold Andre (Scandinavian Tobacco) Singleton's. Once opened, these tins are good for short-term storage of oiled snuff, but are absolutely inept for water based Wilsons, especially dry(-ish) ones. Oiled snuff is significantly less prone to drying out, but nevertheless it looses some moisture in all these tap boxes and Ozona-type tins. I had some factory sealed rectangular 5 g tins of Wilsons SP No. 1, stored in a drawer for 5 years. It lost all its moisture and scent completely. Well, these old containers were really leaky... But lesson learnt: water-based snuffs ought to be stored airtight. For long-term storage I would advice procuring large tins.
    You can inquire the vendor about the tin type. and usually reply fast and are forthcoming to their customers.
    Still and all WoS Medicated in these new Ozona-type tins should be quite fresh. At least for now.
  • @volunge think you are mistaking WOS with J&H Wilson. No tin change at WOS.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 20 PM
    Ooops, indeed! Me fault, sorry. Unfortunately, I can't edit that old post anymore.. Thanks for noticing @Hoffwell
  • JHW have always been hit and miss for me, depending on where production was at the time. It was either excellent or dusty, particularly when it was made in South Africa. I don't know where production is now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's now contracted from Poschl based on the move to tap boxes. Tap boxes are no good to me though as I pinch snuff, so I'll be sticking with WoS SPs (which I already have a good stash of), Toque SP Extra, and SG SP Scotch.
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