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Anyone live in Germany?

Hi guys, 

I am curious if anyone here lives in Germany and would be willing to send schmalzer to Canada. I'm willing to send money first (will have to figure out the details) and will be looking to pickup around 200g of Bernard and Poschl schmalzers every few months or so. I'd be paying shipping and possibly a small premium on the retail price.

Please contact me if you can help, I know I don't have a reputation so I am willing to take the risks with established members, or we can do a smaller test run first and then continue with the larger run after we can trust each other.



  • No. But tell me, do you live near Hof Capelle?
  • I have ties to family in Hamburg Germany. Will see if they can send Germ snuffs to me here in the PNW, USA.
    May act as a relay person.
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