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Samuel Gawith bespoke. Some inspiring precedents

I am very busy tonight, so I'll try to put it briefly. This post is intended to everyone who miss discontinued SG snuffs too much to abide by the woeful circumstances. I am sure it is possible to bespeak any discontinued SG favourite. Such bespoke is possible in principle - the knowledge, skills, mill and recipes are still there. Thinking about obstacles, only unavailability of particular ingredients could preclude it technically (eg. a case of Bernard's Pariser No.2 discontinuation).

These are concrete SG bespoke precedents:

In 2015/2016 Samuel Gawith made a bespoken pipe tobacco blend for Dutch/Belgian Pipe Smokers forum (PRF).
You can find the whole story here:
It's a good and very informative read, really worth your time.

As far as I know, SG had made entire lines of bespoke snuffs for some online snuff vendors; ditto Gawith Hoggarth:

Bespoke, limited edition, unlabeled - whatever, I just need a massive amount of Blue Crest and Red Crest Scented.


  • Well, well whole idea looks quite nice indeed, but there is one bloody big obstacle to pass trough and its called EC TPD2. AFAIK if you need to made bespoke tobacco from SG you need first to find distributor whom took all care and paperwork. In years gone by my home pipe club realised several bespoke Twist Tobacco orders in total quantity of almost 100 kgs or Black and Brown pightals and later twist in some 20 different flavours, if i am not mistaken minum order for one flavour was 1 kg. Who knows whats a mininum batch weight for one mill run, judging by sizes of SG machinery I would guess some 10 kgs or more. I belive Bob Gregory (SG acting chief) will be open to your ideas. Jack
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    Thanks for addendum! Great info @JackGrave
    Just remembered this note next to every 500 g drum of SG snuff at
    "Manufactured to order, please allow an extra 5 working days for delivery".
    It raises hopes that the minimal snuff batch could be way smaller than that of SG's other products. However, I understand that "manufacturing" in such case might as well mean simple pouring of snuff to 500 g drum from SG's pre-made larger batch, stored in the factory.
    Finding a distributor would be a major spoke in this wheel of bespoke. Is it really necessary at all for just a single batch? There's another UK based snuff manufacturer, who doesn't aggravate himself and his customers with such bureaucracy, making and selling bespokes. I wonder about the imperatives. What determines the necessity of distributor?
  • Of course there is UK based Snuff miller who is open to bespoke orders and it is @Roderick from Toque Snuff. If i am not mistaken minimal bespoke order is 400 (500) grams and if you pay little extra fee it could be sold and send towards you in 10 or 25 gms tins. Jack
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