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What is snuff to you? Just variety, fragrance, nicotine... or something more too?

newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
edited January 2018 in General

Just wanted to share my experience with snuff in the last 14 months, and I am not sure if this was discussed earlier in the forum. Basically, I also wanted to understand that whether my findings or interest in snuff is pure snuff psychosis or do you any of you feel similar to what I do about it. Yes, snuff is a wonderful product with fragrances and nicotine; but it more to me than just that.

I began snuff primarily since I read somewhere that it was used to treat migraines (I think I saw a video on youtube in which the seller states so). I am a guy who suffered from migraines and sinus issues since years and did not find any respite in the treatments. I then procured some snuff available locally (which was not that great ? but was a great introduction) and began using it while finding out more through this forum. In just a few days, even with little usage I found that my migraines were less intense or absent. I then also used snuff to quit smoking. Hence, for me, snuff began as a journey to lessen pain, get rid of common colds and quit smoking.

These days I snuff everyday, and I snuff everywhere (work, home, travel). I am also a person who has anxiety and panic issues due to work, and have a tendency to get low or upset very soon if things are not working well at work (which is usually the case). I would not say snuff has resolved that issue, but has certainly helped as a distraction.

Also, I am person who finds that snuff finds a sweet place in my life and gets me through the day when things seem hard, confusing or just depressing in general. The interest in just storing snuff in my cupboard, or having several tins open now knowing I can take a pinch anytime is exciting in itself for me and does fill up some dark abyss which cloud my mind (failed relationships, the pursuit of meaning of my existence, etc).

Hence, overall, snuff is good for me. It has been the rope to hang on to when there is no hope, a sweet distraction when life is rough and a remedy for some physical pain.
What is snuff to you? Is it just the enjoyment and/or the nicotine, or is it something more (however minute or large). Please do share! Thanks.


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    As a fellow anxiety-sufferer, I can recommend dholakia herbal as a remedy. It contains a few ingredients (which I researched before taking the snuff, cause you know, unsure) that is said to help with anxiety. I was, of course, highly skeptical, used a lot of herbal snuff over a long period, and noticed my anxiety decreased greatly. Not sure if its placebo or of the ingredients actually did work, but its worth a shot, no?
    As for me, I have no idea why Im so interested in snuff. I like having the world smell whatever I would like to at any given point, I enjoy the nic-hit very few snuffs can give me..and its a lot about curiosity for me, Im always curious about the scents and so on.

  • @Rogue - thanks a ton for the tip. Seems like I'll have to place an order and try. I'll let you all the results too. The curiosity is a big part of my involvement with snuffs too and control over smelling what I want to as well. The world stinks at many places. :) 
  • Snuff is a way to supplement my nicotine addiction ever since my veins all started to hide from me when I try to shoot up that injectable tobacco I invented.
  • @DrOctagon - are you serious? :)
  • @newbiesnuffer
    Yeah, you take a pack of Marlboro lights, cut off the filters, and soak them in 3 liters of distilled water for a say. It works but it's not super great, you know?
  • @DrOctagon - thats crazy. :) I quit smoking around a year back and do not feel like smoking with so good snuff around! 
  • It's an enjoyable alternative to smoking. The fact that it's cheap, duty free (in UK), and available in a wide range of scents and aromas is a major bonus.
  • Nice post @newbiesnuffer !

    I usually take dip tobacco for my nicotine craving. Have recently started smoking the local S. Indian cheroots esp, after a drink or two. I take snuff to perk me up. I agree it enhances the mood, makes me feel fresher and clears the mind. I mostly take the unscented the Madras type (DS snuff) that we get here. It is a rugged snuff with a high sneeze factor. I enjoy it (the sneeze factor) as it helps clear the sinuses. I occasionally hit the Six photo Super Kailash or the medicated No. 66 when the mood takes me. 

    @Rogue, I agree the herbals from dholakia has something special in it. Really hits the spot.
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