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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

RR Mills Maccoboy

I wrote Swisher to ask what year they stopped making this snuff.  I'm happy to report that I actually got a response this time, and that their answer was that they still make it in the pocket size.  I think it's likely only sold in Georgia--that's the only place I've heard of it being sold in stores, at least.

If anyone hasn't tried it, I strongly recommend searching it out.  It's one of the few old-timey American snuffs that are actually quite gentle on the nose, and in fact is arguably better in the nose than in the mouth (though I'm sure some people dip it, and I know I've done so in the past).

I do wish it was available to be purchased online through Mr. Snuff or Snuffstore.


  • Thanks for this information, Mike. I was under the impression that they had stopped producing it. The prospect of getting my hands on some is exciting. I have a sample from a member here and I wonder if it may have gone bad. Supposedly this is a rose scented snuff, but my sample smells very sour, much like fat pine. I actually love it. Does your Maccoboy smell at all like that?
  • I haven't been able to buy it for quite a while, but the bottle I bought 7 years ago was fresh and was definitely rose scented. It's dark, moist, and has a rose/tobaccco/leather scent.
  • I acquired some older bottles of RRM Mac and the first one I opened seemed moist and heavy on the barnyard (like the South African snuffs) with no trace of rose. 
    My best guess is that the facility that makes them has a QC problem, and so fresh snuff has the right character, but given some age the experience can diverge wildly. Maybe there are no retardants to stop fermentation or oxidation. Rose scent is very volatile, and can be quickly lost unless perfectly sealed in. I have never seen two reviews of RRM Mac that described the same thing. If I could get my hands on a factory fresh tin or bottle of that stuff, it would at least give me a proper baseline for comparison. 

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