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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

McChrystal's alternate logos?

I have these two tins of McChrystal's I bought from two different stores here in Canada, and I noticed that they look different. The Original and Genuine uses straight letters that say SNUFF along with larger warning, meanwhile the Highland Ice uses a Western-type cowboy script to write Snuff. The thing is, where I bought the Highland Ice, their O&G looked just like the Highland Ice, with the cowboy script Snuff and the smaller warning label.

Is this something McChrystal's does regularly or is one a fake? Is someone really deviant and disturbed enough out there to manufacture bootleg snuff, using inferior tobaccos and perhaps adding wood chips in the mix? IMG_20180129_015708
I've attached a picture for clarification. Since this board is dedicated to snuff, I figured I would ask here. If I reached out to McChrystal's and they'd be all like "NO!! DON'T HUFF THE ONE ON THE LEFT. IT'S ANTHRAX! OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE 24 HRS TO LIVE: YOU NEED TO TRY SCUBA DIVING BRO IT'S AWESOME" or something, so I need someone more sensible to break the news to me.


  • The one on the right is pre EU TPD, and the one on the left is a newer label to meet the new regs, including the thicker border on the label.
  • The one on the left will probably be more fresh. Right is definitely older.
  • I bought about a twenty small tins , roughly 3.5 cm diameter, straight from the factory.  
    Sale price of about seven English pence a tin. Underneath the date stamp read     MADE 02/15  .
    They were getting rid of old stock prior to the new regulations coming in.  
    That was about eighteen months to two years ago.

    Apart from the name   Highland Ice ,  my tins are identical to the right hand tin in your photograph.
    So both of the above contributors are probably right.

  • Thanks, guys! I thought both of them were great, but the O&G left a more concise "tobacco" aftertaste. I thought that was just how things work. The Highland Ice felt a little like sniffing broken glass for a while, but I got used to it.

    Do you guys know if the regulations also changed the recipe of the snuff, or is it just the picture? I'm probably going to get some O&G later this week, so I'm most likely going to the place with the fresher tins.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited January 29 PM
    There may be some variation between batches, all snuffs are prone to this, but the formulation should remain unchanged. The only formula change that I'm aware of was WoS Royal George, which they renamed New Royal George. That wasn't down to regulation, but down to an ingredient becoming unavailable, them swapping it for the nearest equivalent, and deciding that it changed to overall product enough that it warranted a slight renaming.

    As to the "old" snuff, most of my snuff is that age or older, and I have enough to last me for many years to come. Some of mine might be 20 years old when I get round to consuming it, so I wouldn't unduly worry about it.
  • Yeah, I don't know much about formulas since I just started, but I really liked O&G. Didn't know about the shelf life, either. I figured SG snuff would stay fresh for years since it comes in that can that goes HSSSST when you jimmy it open with a screwdriver, but didn't know about the rest.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited January 30 PM
    @DrOctagon     Some tins that go HSSSST also go rusty inside, even if unopened.   Search this site for long term  storage etc..

  • @ArtChoo mean that red stuff on the inside of my tin wasn't "extra flavoring" but regular rust? I KNEW the guy at the store was lying!
  • And some SG tins don't even ho hssst at all. Had quite a few hssstlessss :)
  • Someone needs to complain, @volunge. Imagine buying a can of cola that doesn't go hsssst. I'd be pssssed. If I were you, I'd write to your senator.
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