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Can I really not get Bernard Jubilaums to the UK anymore?

Is it really the case that Bernard are not shipping out of Germany now?
I am really upset, there were so many good snuffs, but one I am really going to miss is Jubilaums.
If anyone has any advice how to get it to the UK, I am all ears.
God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
Bill Watterson


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    These UK based shops still have some Bernard snuffs. No more Jubilaums though. Tabak Snuff&nc=SNUFF&man=302&cat=82
    Judging from the reviews, possible closest substitute for Jubilaums might be Zwiefacher. Worth trying it out, even if it's an old stock.
    Amostrinha could bear some resemblance to your favourite, too.

    Kownoer and Alt Offenbacher are in a completely different league (plain and salty).

    Just made a quick comparisson of compositions at BMEL. Amostrinha has less menthol and camphor and is topped with plum extract. It's less salty, too. Same alkalis. Tobacco amount is about the same.
    Zwiefacher is more complex. Less tobacco there. Lighter on menthol and camphor. Cased with molasses, tamarind extract and vinegar. Differs alkali-wise as well.

  • It was available on snuff store for a while but looks like the supply has dried up. Have you tried Poschl's Bayern-Prise? It's not an exact alternative but does have similar characteristics. Have you tried my smoking shop UK?
  • has a message to say "notify me when back in stock" so might be worth registering with them just in case they get new stock.
  • I haven't even heard of this jublilamus up until now and believe me when I tell you that I am OUTRAGED that I can't get any anymore.
  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Thanks, @volunge, @PaulG and @DrOctagon.
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    I have zweifacher and several other Bernard varieties, also have several Poschls but havent tried Bayern prise yet. Im registered with and other tobacco shops online, but there was just something about Jubilaums, some note that is not present in the others. Oh well.
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • @LadySnuff Believe me you are so correct about that. I have stock in bulk about 75g. of the 270 and 50g. of the newer 280 labeled Jubil (maybe even better) under glass with no head space semi packed.
    I should be good until the holocaust ends.
  • I will be in Hamburg, Germany for a few days later this year. I emailed Bernards Schnupftabak (sp?) asking if they might know any tobacco outlets in Hamburg that carry their products. I mean, they should know who is ordering what and where it's going, right ? They don't deal through distributors, as do beer and other alcoholic
    beverage producers do, do they ? Anyway, Bernards knows of no seller of their products in Hamburg...nada.
    No sense in me asking about any Bavarian sellers, as it won't do me any good.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    @Z_2K Maybe Bernard could send you snuff to packstation?
    There are lots of them in Hamburg:
    A possible solution, though obligatory age verification could trip it up ( and don't send to packstations).
  • If you have problems finding "Bernard 250 Jahre Jubil
  • why is my comment cut off?
  • i typed half a book
  • @SunnyDay that will be the umlauted a. This site doesn't like special characters.
  • ah that might be im german so i used the char on my keyboard im going to substitute it with  ae ok here it goes again: if you have trouble findining the jubilaeum just look for "schmalzler weiss-blau" or "wiens snuff" which is 100% the same product just the style of the label aimed at different types of people as not everybody likes bavaria here (the bavarians like themself a bit too much) and that makes it people can get turned off by the name or label alone from using this snufflzler (jubi,wiesn and weiss-blau are a mix of 50% schmalzler and 25% gekachelter virginie snuff, 75% tobacco content in total pretty nice) some people do not like bavarian tradition much but are still fans of the wiesn/octoberfest so that is why "wiesn snuff"  exists.

    tldr: jubilaeum,wiesn snuff or schmalzler weiss-blau different name different label but 100% the same content
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    @SunnyDay: I lived in Heidelberg area 4 years and Stuttgart area 2 years, and I never perceived that German regional animosity went to that level of triviality. Liebe Gott ! Anyway, do the tobacco stores and other outlets in Bavaria sell Bernard's Schmalzler ? I would think it would be so popular throughout Germany that it would be as common as buying Marlboro cigarettes at the tankstelle. Perhaps Bernards sells wholesale to distributors, not to individual stores, and does not know where their product goes once it is in the distributors hands. 
  • btw: F (Fichtennadel) is the same like jubilaeum,wiesn snuff and schmalzler weiss-blau but with pine oil where the weight difference was offset by less smoked virginnia in the mix
  • @Z_2K best way to buy bernards is online but you might be able to rarely find bernards in some tobacco shops in bavarian area everything else is in the grip of poeschl.
    bernard is way less marketing agressive or as big as a company which makes them more sympathetic and trustworthy in my opinion.
    they do not produce smoking tobacco nor use the common additives and processes used to make bad quality productsv for their snuff including recon rags unlike poeschl :-q
    you can find gletscherprise and its extra/gold version as well as loewenprise on nearly every newspaper store, gas station and the tobacco shops often have the whole product palette in a stand up display that rotates.

  • That information just sucks as sad as it is but true. Glad someone has some information as a clue to what German marketing has come to in regards to the snuff industry. Bernards products are so much better than the Poschl snuffs IMO.
  • @nicmizer
    No reason to be mad at bernard for having same products with different labels that is actually a very common thing in the snuff tobacco industry to better aim the product at specific people of the already small snuff market
    a very popular example would be Queens from Wilsons of Sharrows where the formulation is noted TOB in an old book. Wilson sells Tom Bucks for the gentleman and Queens for the ladies as there are people that would never make something called Queens their favorite snuff even if it was the best in the world and it is true for the other way around B-)
  • btw you can even get your own personal snuff made at bernards (maybe for a special event or your tobacco store as im sure there is minimum amount of units). im not so sure they will sit down with you and create something from scratch but you will be able to design your own label and probably they will make a batch of your snuff taking your favorite of theirs editing it to your likings in ways possible. an online store here is selling their bernard "postillion" which seems to be an altered version of klostermischung
  • Please elaborate more on the subject of "custom snuff made for you". Who is you and who actually can get it shipped to them? Fairly certain it will not be anybody in the USA. Please inform us as I see from my research that nobody is getting any of the former offerings from Bernard any time in the near future.
    I'm assuming it's not Bernard, but Governments causing the issues. Just a total bummer.
  • seem to have got  some stock of Bernard snuffs in , including Jubilams  
  • @pikey:  I placed a small order with them this past weekend: 3 Bernards types, 2 each.  Just testing the waters, as I've never ordered from them before. We'll see if/when is shows up, probably in a week or two as I live in Florida. If things go wrong, I'm only out the cost of a case of Sam Adams.
  • @nicmizer sorry i do not know the details it seems you can get a bernard with your own label for sure but i am not 100% sure you can customize the content but like i said a german snuff store is selling "postillion" a edited "klosterpriese"
    go check the bernard site for "news" thats where i read it
    i contacted them about the offer i hope ill get an answer and let you know
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited February 2018 PM
    I bought Bernard Postillion from Mr.Snuff years ago so I doubt that it was custom made just for that german store.
  • @n9inchnails you are right it is probably safe to assume they struck a different deal with them i doubt they would still be selling the same one time batch
  • @n9inchnails actually it was and Mr.Snuff got a hold of some somehow. He said he didn't get it from the company as they wouldn't sell it too him. I think he might have had someone buy it from the company or something like that.
  • i asked bernard about the custom snuff its only the label but the prices are alright and the minimum is just 50 at 3 euro right now. makes me think about just ordering my bernards favorite 50x for a little extra but then i get with a clean label no tobacco warnings :D
  • I was buying Bernards Schmalzler from Mr. Snuff for over 4 years; most recently Feb 2017. It was when I went to place an order in Nov 2017 that I became aware of the "bad news".
  • I'm glad I have great stock of all their offerings of past. But being able to get fresh future stock to replenish is what I'm semi worried about.
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