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My order does not arrive

I placed an order in on January 9, I live in Spain (Andalusia), is it normal that the order has not yet arrived? I feel cheated because it was a large order and it can be said that I spent a lot of money, could you give your opinions? Thanks and best regards.


  • I'd check with snuffstore. And see what their policy is for how long before a package is considered missing (which I think is basically up to the post office). Also is there perchance anything going on in Andalusia or there abouts that might delay mail? And what's customs like. My point a million things can delay a package or get it lost. Also I am sure you were not cheated. But always talk to the company first and don't expect a reply in moments. These operations aren't huge.
  • @frandelrio

    I think that the UK Post office require 28 days to elapse after posting a parcel before they will accept a lost item report.  It gives it a fair chance to turn up after any unforeseen delays.

    The P.O. only accept orders to chase up a missing item from the sender, as they have all the details of when and where it was posted.

    I tell you this to reassure you that even if Snuffstore  had been informed some time ago they are tied by this 28 day rule of the UK Post Office.

    It would be well worth looking at the UK Post Office help pages, just to confirm what I said is correct.

    Good Luck with the missing snuff.

    By the way.
    I have no connection with Snuffstore.

  • Longest so far I have waited for a order from Mr.snuff is 28 business days, it can take awhile sometimes unfortunately but Mr.Snuff has no control over that
  • @baconpete really? 28 days? But after that, everything was fine? Meaning the order was complete, no taxes, etc.?
  • @DrOctagon yup got my full order and no tax just sitting in limbo, dishearting but best to order after order for a bit so you wont care how long it takes until its evident something didn't go right
  • @frandelrio As the others have said, get in touch with Snuffstore, and let them know. They should be able to look into it for you.

    Please keep us informed.
  • Thanks to all, I sent an email to, I will inform you of the answer. @50ft_trad @baconpete @drOctagon @ArtChoo @bob
  • I had one order get lost a couple years ago and Mr. Snuff was very good about replacement at that time....
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    The order arrived on February 12, thanks por your answers, I suspect that it was so delayed by the customs.
  • we've all been there. From my experience if you order when you have a good supply left and don't have anything you're dying to try out the package will arrive early. If you're almost out or waiting for a particular snuff you're dying to try, then it will get delayed. Glad to hear you got your snuff. I hope you picked winners.
  • You're in the right, it's like when you're waiting for the bus and it does not come until you light a cigarette and start smoking hahaha, in the order I've made there is 6photo Super Kailash 45 grams (one of my favorite snuffs) I already had tried but I had very little, but I was also looking forward to try the legendary SG Elmo's Reserve which has surprised me a lot, has been a success. I can not say the same about SG Firedance, which I think is a very curious snuff but too flashy for me, I trust that a little air or maybe some mixing with another plain snuff will improve it. A greeting @bob
  • Good to hear that it eventually got there. I mixed Firedance with a plain snuff to tone it down, and it worked very well.
  • @50ft_trad With what snuff did you mix it exacto? Thanks, regards!
  • I've used GH KB Plain, Toque Plain Coarse, Viking Brown and Thors Hammer. I have three of those in bulk, specifically for mixing, and have both Firedance and Celtic Talisman in bulk to mix with them. WoS Burgundy and Brunswick are two others that I might sometimes use for mixing with those bases, again I have a decent jarred stash of those too.

    I also have a good stash of SG Yellow Crest and Blue Crest for the same reason, but I use the likes of Royal George, Jockey Club, and the drier F&T snuffs with those bases.
  • Thank you @50ft_trad , your comment is very instructive. Greetings.
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