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Has anyone tried Toque Coarse Plain?

And if so how is it? I was about to order a satchel of USA W&H and saw it at the bottom of the 400g economy bag page.


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Afterglow @Roderick has mentioned before that it's mainly sold for people in the EU who want to make their own snus, but I'm sure it could be used as a snuff, too. Toque Natural is delicious, a great biscuity, musty scent, with a vague sweetness. I would imagine the course plain is the same thing in a higher micron.
  • Ahh that makes sense. Thanks!
  • I haven't had a pinch for a long time, but I've got a few hundred grams jarred up and stashed away. I use it as a base for mixing snuffs.
  • No.. but might be a good one to add to the "new line of snuff" coming from Toque for the average Joe tho. L-)
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