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Snuff, cigs and blood pressure.

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
edited February 2018 in General
Hi, I had my blood pressure checked today, and found some fun things...

When I smoke, my blood pressure gets dangerously high, wears off after 30ish minutes, high pulse, 9x.

With snuff, blood pressure is high end of normal, pulse at low 70, while going down from cigs blood pressure.

With no cigs for a day, a bowl or 2 of pipe, and a bit of snuff, pulse is 60, and blood pressure is perfect.

Now, this is no way proving that snuff is HEALTHY, but come on, cigs are horrible, smoking a pipe and snuffing seems to be much healthier ways of enjoying tobacco, being much nicer to the body in general.

Would anyone else be willing to do some tests like this to compare results for fun?


  • What tests? It's obvious. Snuff has a negligible effect, if any, on cardio as compared to cigarettes. With smoking you dirty up your lungs so they work harder to oxygenate the blood and your heart works harder to pump it to make up for the stress on your lungs and the inefficient oxygenation of blood. It'll obviously wear it out faster that way, giving you a myriad of cardiovascular diseases to do with your heart rate and pressure, while damaging ventricles and all that in the process, plus clogging them with cholesterol if you already have those kinds of problems present. Snuff doesn't involve your lungs at all so why would they be affect it? Also keep in mind that cigarettes work much better as a stimulant than snuff or pipe tobacco due to all the additives in them, in order to make the nicotine hit the bloodstream faster, so that alone will shoot up your heart rate.

    And no offense man but running blood pressure tests doesn't really sound like my idea of fun, although the cuff does feel kind of cool, the novelty wears off after a while.

    But to be honest it's all bullshit. If you want to smoke and you have high blood pressure, they'll just give you some pills to knock it down and you can smoke all you want, considering you're in good health besides that.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @DrOctagon Im a highly curious person by nature..I think, will have to find that out later, maybe ill ask my mom if I am...I dont believe all Im told, so I have to figure it out myself, and this blood-pressure thingy is one of the things I had to figure out for myself, but its another weapon ill use to quit smoking :).

  • oh and the carbon monoxide from cigs binds really good to hemoglobin and that makes the heart have to work harder to get oxygen to the body.
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