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Toque - Price rise from next month

Just a heads up to all at snuffhouse. We have to put the price of Toque up next month. We have held our prices for as long as we could but, the time has come where we can't hold back anymore. So sorry.


  • So put in another order within 4 days your telling us. Sounds good!
  • Just out of curiosity but how much of an increase?
  • Yeah but can we all get a friend price or something? Maybe we can invent an elaborate handshake that all Snuffhouse members can do so that you know who's who. Every single person here would take a small bullet for you, man. This just isn't right. Don't group us in with all those normies
  • Sorry, that could have been written more clearly. The prices will go up at the end of next month. I'll look into the friend discount. It's not a bad idea.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Heck, I don't mind paying a little more. Last I checked, Toque hovered around eighteen cents per gram. That's ludicrously inexpensive. I can't imagine any small uptick being enough to make it unreasonable. We're losing our manufacturers (it our acres to them), one by one. If a few more cents per gram is what keeps Toque available, especially here in the States, I'm not opposed to paying it.
  • I remember last time this happened. And we were still getting the best bang for our buck. 

  • It would still be cool to learn a new handshake.. it's not about the price anymore. It's about belonging to a group of select few individuals whose hobby unites them in ways family and work never could.
  • Dr Octagon,

    Written like a true snuff hero! We few, we band of brothers.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @DrOctagon Huzzah!!
  • Ok,snuff tobacco is not that expensive(especially Toque) comparing to cigs but keep raising the prices may ring some goverment bells and they might see some potential profit in the future(taxes etc.)
    Just a quick thought...I dont know...
  • i dont mind paying a little extra for amazing snuff that is always factory fresh when it comes to my mailbox. although im glad its at the end of the month because i was already planning on making an order early next month. now im thinking, since the prices will go up, of buying 200g bulk bags instead of the 100g :)
  • I just got a guy here at the office hooked and split an order yesterday.  Ridiculously inexpensive, shipping to US included.  If the price is 18 cents US per gram, I'd gladly pay 25.  @Roderick makes top notch snuff!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Agreed I'm happy to pay $1+/gr for Silver Dollar here in the states at retail stores. The cost for Toque online is pittance

    I was very fascinated to see Toque was founded in 2006. I would have thought an industry like snuff to be dying and only the old hold-outs still in business.

    I don't care what it costs - whatever it takes for you gents to continue innovating great products and keeping them in production for us to enjoy
  • Thanks to the strong pound we don't need to put the prices up. I'll post this else were as well.
  • thanks @roderick   sounds great to me.
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